How To Skinify Of Your Hair Care Routine?

“Skinify” of your hair care? Sound strange right? But it is a revolution for your hair because your hair needs to be taken good care as your skin. So now let’s check out Skinification of hair care Ritual below.

4 Simple Rituals To Skinify Your Hair Care

#1: The SPF

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The UV rays are harmful both for your skin and hair. So why do you have sunscreen for your skin, not your hair? You should have a suitable sunscreen to your hair too, especially when you go swimming or stay outside for a long time.

Using hair sunscreen will help you prevent sunburn and other toxic factors like polluted air,…

#2: The Serum

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To have healthy and beautiful hair, you should use suitable serums for your need. Myself as an example. I want my hair to grow longer and healthier so I use extracts from Pomelo. After three months using, I found my hair become longer, shiner and lustrous.

You can find the right serums like in your hometown or you can even make the homemade supplement with step-by-step directions on the Internet.

#3: The sheet masks

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Sheet masks have become so popular thanks to Korean beauty trend. And you can use sheet mask not only for your skin but for your hair.

You can use it like the way you use conditioner. After your shampoo, apply the sheet mask and leave it there around 5-10 minutes. Then rinse it like normal.

You will find your hair softer right after using the sheet mask because it locks in moisture.

#4: The detox products

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If you want to make your hair more glorious, let’s detox it every week. It will improve your hair health by exfoliating.

I usually make a detox for my hair with aloe gel. You can check for the detail instruction on the Internet.

Here are some ways you should do to skinify your haircare and get healthier hair. Keep coming back to everyday for more great beauty tips.

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