How To Say No To Others?


Have you ever felt overwhelmed because of helping the others? If you have felt so, you may say yes a lot to others which stops you from getting your work done and having less time taking care of yourself. Let’s us help you out of this problem by some tips below.

Listen to yourself

There are always signs that show you are too tired of helping the others and all you have to do is to notice them. For example, being exhausted of working all days long with continuous works can be the sign that you are saying so many yes.

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The twenty-four-hour rule

It is never easy to say no at the beginning, so let’s try the twenty-four-hour rule. This means when someone asks for help, you tell them that you will get back to them in twenty four hours. Or if the request comes from email, you just let it there and think carefully before relying. And if someone asks for emergency help, you still need to spend at least 5-10 minutes before relying. Because saying yes to others sometimes means saying no to yourself.

Maintain your boundary

Everyone has a different boundary and you need to let people know your boundary. For instance, when your boss asks you to stay overnight and do the project or when your friend asks you to help him with his work, you need to say no to them politely. And keep saying no like that will build your boundary and people will less ask you for help all the time.

Ask for help

Even the superman can’t do all the things so why don’t you ask for help when you need it? If you have any problem, you can always share with your friends and ask them for help. However, you should remember to try your best before asking someone to help since everyone is busy.

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It’s necessary to ask for help sometimes / Ph: Quick and Dirty Tips

Here are few tips that you should take to say no successfully. Let’s visit Vuhes Magazine often for useful tips.

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