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How to manage snoring?

October 06, 2019

Many people think that snoring causes no harm. Actually, snoring can be a sign of sleep apnea, a serious health condition. Recently, surgery for snoring and sleep apnea has been on demand. Let’s find out more about this surgery.

What causes the snoring problem?

Before seeking an answer to the question “How can I stop snoring permanently?”, you need to understand what factors cause your snoring problem. If you just snore occasionally, it is fine. However, frequent snoring is actually a problem. It can be caused by:

– Excess bodyweight

– Being male (more males are recorded to have snoring problem than women)

– Having narrow airway

– Drinking alcohol

– Nasal problem

– Family history of snoring

Sleep Tight Mouthpiece

Snoring surgeries

Your doctors will help you to determine which snoring treatment is the best one for you. In some cases, the surgery can reduce snoring; whereas, snoring can return over time. Here is some of the most popular surgery for snoring

Pillar procedure 

Pillar procedure should be adopted for snoring and less serious apnea case. 

This snoring surgery is also called palatal implant. It is a minor surgery, providing snoring problem solution and less-serious sleep apnea cases. The doctor will implant small plastic rods into the soft upper palate of your mouth. After the tissue around these rods heals, the palate stiffens, keeping the tissue more rigid and reducing the snoring problem when you sleep.

Hyoid suspension

A new snoring treatment is a hyoid suspension which helps to open the breathing way more deeply into your throat. To do this, the surgeon moves the base of the tongue and the epiglottis forward.

The surgeon cuts into the upper throat and detaches several tendons and some muscle. After the hyoid bone moving forward, it will be attached into place. An interesting thing is that this surgery does not affect the vocal cords, thus, your voice remains unchanged.

What are the costs?

So how much does it cost to have surgery to stop snoring? Some types of snoring surgeries are covered by your insurance, whereas others are not. Normally, your insurance will cover the snoring surgery cost if it is caused by a diagnosable medical condition, for instance, obstructive sleep apnea. The cost for snoring surgery with insurance may be several thousand dollars and that without insurance can be up to $10,000.

Surgery is how to stop snoring immediately. There are several snoring surgeries available and ask the doctor to help you to determine a suitable surgery.

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