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How to deal with teenage anxiety and depression?

April 14, 2020

Anxiety is a normal symptom but for teens, it can be more intense and cause depression. This article will tell you how to overcome anxiety naturally.


The anxiety disorder is much more intense


It is normal to have feelings of anxiety during teen years. The anxiety symptoms can be caused by academic pressures or the nauseous feeling before trying new things. So how to deal with anxiety symptoms? It is important to develop positive mental health habits for teenagers, which we will be discussing in this article.


What causes anxiety in teens?


The teen years are a stage of our development from childhood to adulthood. We will be changing hormones, we will have a lot of pressures including social pressures, scholastic pressures, and we will be discovering the opposite sex as well as the resulting drama that can come from that. In the meantime, the brain is still developing its functioning attributes including impulse control, emotional regulation, decision-making, memory and concentration. 

To know how to overcome anxiety, you need to know the signs of it first. Stressful situations can cause sweaty palms, worry, muscle tension, or a racing heart. However, the anxiety disorder is much more intense. The signs of teen anxiety and depression may include restlessness, sleep disruptions, mood swings, trouble concentrating, extreme irritability, or hypervigilance, etc.. It is still hard to explain why one teen can be able to manage daily life stressors while another can not. It can be because they have different personality traits or temperament. There are also other potential causes such as genetics, brain chemistry, environment, or life events.


How to overcome anxiety naturally?


If you want to know how to deal with anxiety at school, you need to develop healthy habits for good mental health. There are some wellness habits everyone should practice to manage anxiety. They include deep breathing, yoga, mindfulness, and exercise. Also, activities such as running, swimming, dancing, cycling, and power walking can help ease anxiety too. Apart from those daily wellness habits, it is good to have the teen evaluated by a physician. The doctor or psychotherapist can provide therapy to help for teens who struggle with anxiety. Some teens may need medication, however, due to its negative side effects, the use of these drugs should be short-term.

Now that you know how to combat anxiety naturally, you should pay attention to those healthy habits to develop good mental health.

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