How to be happy alone?

April 07, 2020

We live in a world of relentless interactions – a place that gradually forgets the importance of being alone. Being alone is not being lonely, but enjoying alone time every moment.


Enjoy life while you can


Build a healthy lifestyle and practice love yourself 


Rest and recovery


All of us – even the most extroverted – need time to rest and recover. And this only happens when you spend time alone. The peace, tranquility, and spiritual solitude you experience when alone is necessary for you to forget the stresses of daily life.


Find your passion


When I’m alone, I can do whatever I want, whenever I like, wear whatever I want, eat anything, and do meaningful things for myself. We develop our own ideas and ideas without being wavered by the opinions of others. Once you have learned how to enjoy your time alone, you will discover your true ability, no longer being imposed by others.


Why you should learn to be alone?


Increase confidence


Being able to enjoy being alone will make us much more confident. If you’re bored and uneasy when you’re alone, it’s easy to think that you’re a boring person yourself or that you need to be around others to be happy. Learning to enjoy spending time alone will improve our confidence when we can see that we alone are enough.


Increased emotional intelligence


Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to recognize and understand emotions of self and others; it is the ability to use this awareness to control one’s own behavior and relationships. Because self-awareness requires understanding our emotions and the way we react to different people in different situations, it is necessary to see ourselves, and only when we are alone can do this well.

With the current trend, more and more people like to live alone. Everyone has a personality formation process. After going through this process, having tasted all the frivolous pleasures, one day you will realize that this world has a lot of meaningful things to do.

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