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How to attract beauty luxury customers?

April 03, 2020

Winning customers’s hearts will be impossible without keeping up with changes. Top beauty brands need to consider below strategies to get ahead of the competition.




In a severe luxury beauty market, luxury beauty brands need to improve the relationship between them and their younger customer generation. And in order to do that, they need to follow concrete strategies as below.


#1: Take advantage of social media and invest in digital marketing


Internet and social media have played an important role as the main source of information for younger consumers. In addition to this, online communities have become a good adviser and supplier for product reviews, beauty news and skin-care routines.


#2: Embrace healthy aging instead of timeless beauty


Beauty brands should embrace natural trend
As people care about health issues as much as they care about beauty, conventional brands need to embrace the natural beauty trend and organic products. Beauty consumers expect transparency, as they no longer believe those marketing campaigns that promise timeless beauty. However, this doesn’t mean that consumers don’t want their skin to be beautiful and youthful. The focus on preventive care and anti-pollution cosmetics will be a change in the beauty industry.


#3: Improve the in-store experience


Luxury beauty brands should give their customers exceptional customer service experience and personalized approach. Some top beauty brands have VIP services, customization of beauty products and concierge experiences, these ones should be improved to enhance the relationship with customers.


#4: Promote the collaborations with the wellness industry


The desire of a healthier lifestyle have boosted the wellness industry, bringing changes in workout routines, healthy diet habits and beauty procedures. Customers expect crossover collaborations between wellness segments, for example, top salons offer post-workout massages or fitness centers have relaxation therapy and beauty treatments.
As the beauty market continues to grow

, newly established beauty players will have to compete with traditional brands to reach target audiences. Therefore, top beauty brands need to change their strategies to attract their customers. Keep reading Vuhes daily for more updates about trending in beauty industry.
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