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How my skin-track UV works?

December 03, 2018


L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator came back with an entirely new technology: My Skin- Track UV. Let see how it works that we’ll know more in this website.

Inside the design

For the design of My Skin- Track UV, we get the clip’s size and flexibility, and the balance between functionality and elegance. The intersection of design and technology and daily life is an important focus in our design and experience practice.

L’Oréal’s Technology Incubator shows that the design needs to be human experience- centered. To introduce an entirely new wearable, the first, and smallest, battery-free UV wearable.



My Skin-Track UV will cost $60 / Ph: engadget

How it works

My Skin- Track UV measures both UVA and UVB rays, and provides instant status updates while storing up to three months of dato to its accompanying app.

This waterproof product powered by the user’s smartphone using near-field communication. Last but not least, the sensor has a sturdy wire clip that can conveniently attach to clothing and accessories.


L’Oréal’s wearable sensor will track your UV exposure throughout the day / Ph: allure



It is activated by the sun, 12mm wide and 6mm high. For that, it’s so convenient for you to keep and take it away easily. Furthermore, the connection with your phone is always active to protect you, and it can be checked anytime.

Is a wearable sensor that measures individual UVA and UVB exposure, connects with a companion app, and provides personalized tips and skincare recommendations. Let’s get closer to My Skin-Track UV to know how perfect a beauty technology works to your problem.

Where and How to buy My Skin-Track UV?

You can go online to order or get the delivery from the website. My Skin Track UV retails for $59.95 MSRP and is available at and select U.S. Apple Store locations.

That’s all about how My Skin-Track UV works, I hope you will get all clear information to choose the right one. Hopefully, your problem is improved and better next time.

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