How do Beauty brands capitalize consumer aspiration in the Modern Beauty World?

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. But the truth is that we usually follow the trends of higher class by dressing like them. That’s why now beauty brands are capitalizing consumer aspirations by collaborating with beauty influencers.

Beauty influencers strongly affect the consumers’ desires

According to a research of Emily Hund and Lee McGuigan, when KOLs (key opinion leaders) market their personal lifestyles on YouTube, Instagram,… we will be more eager to buy elements of that lifestyle for us.

So how can beauty influencers market the beauty brands effectively?

The first way is through unboxing videos.

The beauty influencers usually collaborates with beauty brands by unpacking the product the beauty brands send them on their channels as youtube, instagram,..

unboxing video / Ph: YouTube

Visiting these channels, you can watch thousands of unpacking new cosmetics videos. During these videos, the beauty influencers describe the products in details and sometimes tries out the products by applying them to their faces or hands.

Besides, the beauty influencers can market the beauty brands and sometimes their own beauty brands through their makeup tutorial videos.

Beauty YouTubers use their existing connection to build their social media brand. After a lot of watching review videos, makeup videos,… they can develope their own beauty brands. And their beauty products was quickly sold out after a few days or weeks.

Beauty YouTuber / Ph: YouTube

Now, the beauty brands do not only cooperate with KOLs but also allow “ordinary” people to become aspirational influencers thanks to the development of technology.

RewardStyle, for example, has launched the LikeToKnowIt app which encourages users to share their opinions about products of RewardStyle and become “RewardStyle Influencers”. The digital community of influencers is unique and diverse which is growing faster and bigger.

Here are some ways that beauty brands are capitalizing on consumers’ aspiration through collaborating with beauty influencers. If you find this article useful, let's “Share” it and follow daily.


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