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How can a man improve his looks?

October 29, 2019

Having beautiful appearance is a huge advantage for both men and women. So how can a man improve his looks?

Being charismatic is a combination of many different factors, including grooming your appearance, personality and style. Whether you’re just looking for ways to increase your current appeal, or you are not sure where to start, make a few changes to make you more appealing.

How to be a well groomed man

The easiest and most basic method you can take to become more attractive is to keep it clean. If you always keep your body clean, others will automatically want to come near you. Use a little perfume (or lotion after shaving) or deodorant spray all over the body. Your scent of the day will be a factor to help you form or lose your appeal. Try to use shower gels and perfumes that match each other. Their scent does not need to be exactly the same but should be similar so as not to create chaos.

Remember regularly shave / trim beards. You need to take care of chin area every day. If you want your face to be clean, shave every morning before going to work or school.

Keep your breath fresh and maintain a bright white smile by taking good care of your teeth is among the good male grooming habits.

Keep your hair trimmed regularly. Even if you are trying to grow long hair, you need to regularly trim your hair to remove split ends. You can go to meet a hairstylist, or trim your hair by yourself. Consult your friends in choosing a hairstyle. And the next time you go to get a haircut, consult the barber about hairstyles that are suitable for you.


Dress up every day is a male grooming routineEven if you are only choosing outfits for a normal day, you should not pick any outfit you see. Choose clothes that fit the job you intend to do.

Above are some grooming tips for men. Keep following Vuhes daily for more men’s grooming guide.
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