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High-end Chinese tourists and new travel trends

April 14, 2019

The young are taking luxury trips more

#1: Younger tourists

The young contribute greatly to travel trends. The number of tourists aged from 19-29 increased to 22.1% – a higher figure than that of the previous year. When making choices over their hotel, young tourists always choose luxurious rooms to be able to enjoy miraculous experiences.

#2: Seeking something adventurous and new

One of the travel trends this year is long-distance and adventurous tours. Five destinations that attract many rich tourists, including Europe, America, Japan and South Korea, Southeast Asia, and Indian ocean. These travellers, with the desire to discover the world and challenge themselves, are creating travel trends. Moreover, besides luxury hotels, luxury tourists are concerning about incredible sightseeing places, for example, in front of a beach.

#3: The increase of second-tier travellers

Travellers from second and third-tier cities, similar to those from the big one, also follow the travel trends of going high-end tours. The growth of the number of tourists taking luxury tours obviously will benefit the tourism industry considerably.

#4: Longer trips with incredible experiences

One of the growing travel trends among the rich travellers is that the number of people taking long trips, usually of seven days or more, has reached 55.6%. The figure of tourists taking 15-or-more-day trips also increases to 6.5%.

They also looking for more in-depth amazing travel experiences than that they have had before. High-end consumers now prefer trips which can bring them anything special and strange more than just something nice and beautiful.

These are the latest travel trends which are created by high-end Chinese tourists. They all reflect the dramatic development of the Chinese tourism industry and the improvement of Chinese living standard.

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