Helpful questionnaires for your negative self- talk

There are so many things that can affect your feelings including your thoughts. American psychiatrist Aaron Beck advised people to train themselves to focus on self- talk, which is people’s self- criticism and fear of being judged.

Identifying your self- talk

Self- talk is obvious sometimes. People often think too much when someone ignores them for a moment. They will think of a number of reasons for this action. However, in fact, it does not mean it is. You should examine the evidence to find the differences and feel better and more positive after that.

There are so many reasons leading to people’s usual thinking/ Ph: cenetrionline

Underlying beliefs

When you have a self- talk, you are easy to have negative belief. It is because you often assume that you are unlovable, which influences your interpretations at an unconscious level. Therefore, you ought to look for therapies that can shift these core beliefs including EMDR or schema- focused therapy. It may take time, but once you try hard enough, you can become your own therapist knowing your tremendous insight.

Unhelpful thinking styles

The first of them is black and white thinking. It comes when you are close to the standard you create for yourself. This often happens to your day- to- day activities and leads to huge pressure on you. The second one is catastrophising. This happens when you focus so much on your own issues and care about other thinking of your performance. The next one is mind reading, which is a form of taking things personally. And the last one is filtering, which happens when you just pick up negative detail and forget all the good things.

Useful inquiries to challenge negative self- talk

Here are some questions that can help you solve your problem. They are: Am I jumping to conclusions?, am I expecting myself to be perfect?, do these thoughts help me or hinder me?, am I blaming myself for something that’s not my fault?, am I over-estimating the chances of disaster or exaggerating the importance of events?, am I taking something personally that has little or nothing to do with me?, am I thinking in all- or- none terms? And am I paying attention to the only black side of things?

In short, your thoughts are something no one can take from you. Thus, you should try to examine your thoughts before assuming you are a bad person. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from negativeness that usually happens in life.

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