Head & Shoulders launches new 3-Action formula shampoo range


The Head & Shoulders's new 3-Action Formula (cleanses, protects and moisturises the scalp and hair) range uses micro-zinc for flake-free hair that is targeted at female shoppers who prefer a shampoo that combines the benefits of a functional and medicinal product with the luxury of using a cosmetic one.

ZPT (Zinc pyrithione)- the active ingredient in Head & Shoulders is a powerful agent to fight dandruff by building up deposits on the scalp. This is a biggest innovation in a decade uses micro-zinc for a healthy scalp & beautiful hair. However when getting trapped inside the hair shafts it can also block conditioners from penetrating, impeding the effectiveness of some products.

Head & Shoulders's new 3-Action formula shampoo range will be available to pharmacists from today 1st October. 


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