Have you ever tried these amazing Asian wellness massages?

June 30, 2020

Massage is extremely popular in Asia for the big benefits it brings, including stress reduction, circulation improvement, toxins elimination,…The article will introduce the best Asian wellness massage that you should try at least once.

With surprising and science-backed benefits, massage has placed its footprint in many countries outside Asia. Asian massage methods receive huge support from patients all over the world for the incredible effects they bring. Most Asian countries have their own massage methods that are amazing and unique; however, Thai massage and Japanese Shiatsu wellness massage are the best ones you should take on.


1- Thai massage


Have you ever tried these amazing Asian wellness massages?
Thai massage is considered the best healing massage by many professionals and practitioners in this field


Thai massage is a type of Oriental bodywork therapy, aiming at people’s wellness, including the human body, mind and spirit. This wellness massage has been around for more than 2,000 years and is a branch of traditional medicine in Thailand, along with herbs, nutrition and spiritual practice.


Thai massage benefits


Using gentle pressure and stretching techniques, Thai massage is considered the best healing massage by many professionals and practitioners in this field. The very first benefit of Thai massage is reducing stress. Stress in some cases can be good for us, acting as a motivator; however, if it is too much stress, our mental and physical health could be affected badly. Long-lasting or chronic stress leads to depression and cardiovascular disease.
If you feel that there is too much stress placing on your shoulder, you should try this private massage. In a study in 2015, scientists revealed that Thai massage can reduce the level of a certain stress maker in the saliva. As the result, they concluded that Thai massage is much more effective in reducing stress than resting only.
Thai massage is a method to boost your energy, leaving it the most-hunting wellness massage not only in Thailand but also in many countries in the world. The researcher used to conduct a study, looking at the effects of Thai massage on people who experienced fatigue. Thai massage was proved to increase energy and mental stimulation. This type of massage is based on the notion of energy lines called Sen.
Sen is the channels of energy within our body which correspond to many different parts of our bodies and affect the mind and consciousness. Add to that, by promoting blood and lymph circulation, this type of massage can improve people’s balance and is used widely in many wellness spa (s).


Thai massage techniques


Thai massage techniques are quite different from other forms of massage. Rather than focusing on relaxing, gliding and kneading motions characteristics, Thai massage puts its concentration on stretching, pulling, rocking.

This aims at enhancing the body’s flexibility and range of motion. In this wellness massage, the practitioners use their hands, legs, knees and feet to move your body into some yoga-like shapes, applying deep muscle compression, joint mobilization and acupressure.


2- Shiatsu wellness massage


Have you ever tried these amazing Asian wellness massages?
Shiatsu massage is a popular type of massage


Shiatsu massage is a popular type of massage, delivering to people who want to relax and relieve stress, pain and tension. This wellness massage was developed in Japan. Its name “Japanese shiatsu massage” was derived from the Japanese term meaning “finger pressure”. Such healthy and wellness massage involves therapists applying pressure on different points on the body in a rhythmic sequence.
What is shiatsu and does shiatsu work?
In this Japanese shiatsu massage, practitioners apply pressure to different points in the body. These points are believed to form pathways called “meridians”. When pressing at these points, therapists promote the flow of vital energy known as “chi” and facilitate the healing process.
Applying shiatsu massage techniques, the shiatsu practitioner wants to clear any possible blockages in the flow of chi because these blockages are believed to cause a wide range of diseases.
To date, there has not been science-backed statistics or study determining how shiatsu can lead to health improvement; however, professionals in this field believe that this healing massage may calm the sympathetic nervous system; thus, stimulating circulation, reducing stress and healing pain.


Shiatsu massage benefits


Have you ever tried these amazing Asian wellness massages?


There are some Shiatsu benefits associating with regular massage practice that you really should consider it right now.
The first benefit of the Japanese healing massage is to help to solve depression and anxiety. The act of touching makes people feel better because they release hormones in your body which creates the feeling of connection. Such a feeling will contribute greatly to diminishing the feelings of loneliness and depression. As a result, this Japanese private massage can reduce tension, improve mood and relax muscles.

The benefits of Shiatsu massage for the face are explained as such massage can stimulate the circulation of blood. This massage works towards the emission of sebum from the sebaceous organs, resulting in moist and smooth skin as well as preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

What about Shiatsu massage for weight loss? Massage has never been considered a method for weight loss. However, Shiatsu massage is such a special type that can contribute to your losing weight process. By enhancing the flow of blood and cell nourishment throughout the body, this massage help to keep the younger look longer. Improvement in the digestive system also means that your food is digested easily, leading to faster waste removing and burning fats.
What is more, this massage method also can help with migraines – a headache disorder. Migraine is a common type of headache that more and more young people have to face. For a long time ago, migraines did not a disease for the young. Migraine is the throbbing headache that is on one side of our head. Shiatsu massage, by relaxing the body and increasing blood flow and circulation, can contribute much to relieve migraines.
People also exploit the benefit of this Japanese wellness massage for lower back pain. The massage method can offer much help with chronic back pain because it is able to facilitate blood flow and circulation, allowing healing injured muscles to be faster and easier. Besides, the massage aids in relaxation, alleviating muscle tension and eases depression and anxiety to reduce pain and facilitate a speedy recovery.
Thai massage and Shiatsu massage are the most popular massage methods in Asia. However, there are many more good methods that you can try such as Ayurveda massagehot stone massage and Kropsmassage. Every massage type may differ in techniques; however, they share a common aim of improving our wellness.
Thai massage and Shiatsu wellness massage work as an incredible method to help to achieve better lives and wellness. They have science-based benefits and worth trying.

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