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Handbag of the Future – Louis Vuitton’s new luxury weapon

May 18, 2019

Is there something special about these futuristic bags of this French luxury brand? Will it be welcomed by the public?

The French luxury brand – Louis Vuitton has recently revealed a new type of technologically advanced bags out of the future. The new weapon of this luxury brand is the brainchild of Nicolas Ghesquière.


Will it create a turning point for the fashion industry? / Ph: Louis Vuitton

Shorten the gap between fashion and technology

A Space Age theme, the screen is called ‘Canvas of the future,’ which includes bags that come with mobile video screens on each side. Flexible, moldable screens are made of AMOLED technology with the LED function built into the new era smartphone, allowing clear 1920 x 1440 resolution.

In a press release, Louis Vuitton said the goal of the bags is to eventually bridge the gap between your smartphone and your fashion accessories.

One of the more eye-catching items on display at this year’s CES is a flexible, foldable display. Of course, foldable screens have been developed for a while.

Despite the manufacturer’s efforts, foldable screens still haven’t caught up with the broader public in the real sense. And that may have earned change anytime soon because the high-end fashion world is now catching up with the trend of the flexible display.

The futuristic bags of the luxury brand / Ph: Louis Vuitton 

The French luxury brand has revealed the monogrammed and the futuristic bags in the Louis Vuitton Resort 2020 runway show recently. As noted by a media channel, this idea is a canvas called the Canvas of the Future. And while the screen may not be as big as your TV, it is reported that AMOLED technology has been used to create mini displays. It means you will be able to see something at the same resolution as what you use on your smartphone.

The Resort 2020 models don’t watch Riverdale. However, two separate screens on Louis Vuitton monogrammed bags have displayed glamorous images of a landscape.

Stay tuned to update information about other unique luxury accessories like this on Vuhes.

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