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Habits to make you live longer

February 11, 2020

It might take time to get used to them, but the results are so great for each individual.

Meeting the doctor annually

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It is very necessary to see the doctor at least one time per year. This helps you maintain good health, prevent diseases and reinforce healthier lifestyle. However, experts at the University of Exeter advise people to see just one doctor instead of different ones when it comes to their annual medical examinations. By doing this, their doctor will rely on their medical history, diagnose and give them specific guidance for their body.


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Doing exercises regularly

There are tons of yoga or gym classes available for you to take up. And if you do not have much time, you can go for online classes on the Internet. They are easy and useful for people at different ages. Therefore, you need to set a goal and force yourself to do in order to stay lean and healthy if you value your health.

Eating healthy fats

If you start taking exercise seriously but still eating pizzas, sandwiches or fries, your effort is zero. Your body needs fats for energy but if you want to live longer, you should eat monounsaturated fats from avocados, nuts, vegetable oil and olive oil and get fats from eggs, meat, poultry and dairy products occasionally.

Sleeping more

Many people, especially the youth, often stay up late, which is very harmful for their health. Experts have associated that your health would be better if you slept longer but it does not mean that you sleep all day long. You need to make sure the quality of your sleep instead of the hours of it.

Hydrate well

Ninety percent of human body is water. Thus, besides catering food, you should drink much water everyday to prevent yourself from symptomatic illness such as skin dryness, fatigue or disorientation. You can also hydrate your body by eating lots of fruits and vegetables.

Going outdoors

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People often avoid going out because of the heat of the sun. They do not know that the crucial vitamin D that is necessary for a healthy, long life comes from the sun. Sun exposure increases serotonin, also known as the happy hormone. Therefore, instead of staying at home, people should go outside in the early hours in the morning to get some beneficial sunlight.

In short, those are some simple habits that can make your life change. The others can be listed are maintaining good relationship with friends and family, organizing your cabinets regularly, understanding your guts, cultivating a hobby you can derive pleasure from, wearing comfortable shoes and not being a couch potato.

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