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Greatest lessons to run a business

August 03, 2019

If you are running a business, successful lessons from successful entrepreneurs are very helpful for you. CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Global and PVH Europe Daniel Grieder has given people a lot of successful lessons in business on how to become a successful CEO. Seven out of the greatest ones are mentioned in this article. 

Trusting your colleagues will helps you find solutions for problems better / Ph: LinkedIn

#1: The biggest risk is to take no risks

Dare to cope with challenges and obstacles on your way. Believe in yourself that you can do everything. Start your business with a group of talented people and then expand your group into a bigger one. 

#2: Lead by example

If you cannot make words into reality, your team will not be motivational. They will not be empowered and will not try hard enough to grow your business  with you.

#3: Three Ds

Discuss, decide and deliver are the three Ds that should always be on entrepreneurs’ vision. Discuss means communicating with influenced stakeholders to get their buy-in. Decide means making the right decisions with conviction and deliver means moving forward in the quickest time. So as to be a successful CEO of a successful company, wasting time thinking back about previous decisions is not encouraged. You need to learn and work for the future.

#4: Learn from people around

A great CEO is the one who can combine both lessons from successful entrepreneurs and lessons from normal people. Learning through the best and the worst moments of you, you will be more experienced and can lead your business better. 

#5: Trust is a must

Whenever a problem happens, it is necessary to sit and give everyone a chance to talk about their opinions. Trust yourself and your co-workers. Then, you will find solutions more easily. 

In conclusion, above are such successful CEO quotes from Daniel Grieder. Besides them, there are two more lessons including say it and say it again and success is more than a title.

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