Galop d`Hermes by Hermes - a Oriental fragrance for women

A new phase in the creation of perfumes from Hermes with Galop d'Hermes, an aroma in which rose is diffused with leather tones and is housed in a brace shaped bottle relating to the image of a stirrup on a horse saddle retaining the brilliant style of Her
Scent notes of Galop d`Hermes by Hermes include top notes of quince, saffron, middle notes of rose and base notes of leather. Galop d`Hermes by Hermes fragrance composition is a creation of Christine Nagel. 
Galop d`Hermes by Hermes blends rose with leather that features  in a bracket shaped 50 ml bottle, smart, faithful to the spirit of Hermès. With mysterious notes of leather and musk, the rose accord rides high, without being overpowered by the rugged note. The rose has a delicate candied edge, and at first, there is plenty of orange, so juicy and delicious. The next wave crest is of saffron. In its pure state it smells medicinal and harsh, but in small quantities saffron is reminiscent of leather cured in flowers. 
Galop d`Hermes by Hermes with personality is adventurous and has great sillage and good lasting power is classified as Oriental fragrance perfectly match the woman who is highly active, fascinated by history, enthusiastic about the present and excited to encounter the future. 
Galop d`Hermes by Hermes is available at Hermès boutiques and counters in the Extrait de Parfum version.

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