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French beauty brand Guerlain launches a new online venture

December 18, 2018

Frech beauty brand Guerlain launches a new online venture

The LVMH fragrance brand recently launched a new podcast called Olfaplay. This is a special application that captures the moments, experiences of users when using Guerlain perfume. Users can also tune in, share and record audio stories about their signature fragrances.

Guerlain launches a new app where consumers can share their perfume experience

Guerlain brand owned by The LMVH launches new digital venture. This app allows users to share experiences online when using perfume. With Olfaplay, users can listen to and participate in other peoples shared stories or share their own stories about the perfume experience. Everyone can share the story through an app on the site of this brand.

People can share their perfume experience in public or in incognito mode. Guerlain perfume expert Thierry Wasser will be the one to share more about the experience of using perfume.

Guerlain expects more features from this app to help users share their stories more easily

Recording can last up to 9 minutes, at which time users share their own stories. Guerlain wants to add features that make it easy for users to share their experiences with the product. Enhanced features include personalized audio messages accompanying a perfume gift.

This popular perfume brand has launched a voice assistant application and Google links to enhance the user experience. This is the second digital venture of this brand.

This useful innovation helps customers choose the right perfume quickly and easily. Customers can download this app at Google Play and the App Store for their own experience.