Formula One 2019 : Latest news

Formula One is one of the most famous single-seater auto racing in the world. This racing is known for the highest speed cars with the best technology. Keep reading to update latest news about Formula One In 2019.

#1: The lightweight material in F1 racing car's seat is used in the aeroplane seat

An innovative airplane seat concept built with the same advanced lightweight materials used in Formula One racing cars.

The lightweight material in F1 racing car’s seat is used in the aeroplane seat / Ph: aero-mag

The innovative seat for the aeroplane is the combination of UK companies Williams Advanced Engineering and JPA Design.

The Formula One's hi-technology leads to not only enjoyable experiences for air passengers but also a decrease in operating costs for airline businesses.  By maximizing the space and using lightweight materials, the two companies’ collaboration successfully takes advantages of the hi-technology from F1.

#2: What can you expect on the F1's new cars this year?

Let’s take a close look into the new incredible racing cars of Formula One this year.

Racing Point’s initial front wing represents the middle ground in philosophies. Thanks to the wider but more simplified front wing, the airflow can go straight to the underbody from the front wing. With the speeding up of airflow along the side of the car, the speed of air flowing to the underbody will increase greatly.

Racing Point RP19 / Ph: formula1

McLaren introduces its new car MCL34 with a longer wheelbase than that at the last season. Mercedes's W10 still keeps the same wheelbase to maximize the underfloor’s area. Redbull's RB15, by using front down and rear up to the rake, keeps on facilitate its underbody downforce.

McLaren MCL34 / Ph: formula1

Mercedes W10  / Ph: formula1

Red Bull RB15  / Ph: formula1


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