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Experience the flight simulator in the hotel room

July 18, 2019

The airport hotel near Tokyo’s Haneda International Airport has installed a complete and modern flight simulator inside the hotel room, where guests must book in advance to experience 90-minute flights.

Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu – One of Unique experience hotels

New luxury hotel trends

This simulator system simulates the Boeing 737-800 flight experience, departing from Haneda to Osaka’s Itami airport with an instructor available in case you need help. The cost of using the emulator is 30,000 yen ($277), while the room for the night is an additional 25,300 Yen ($234). Guests using this service or guests staying are all not allowed to operate the simulator.

Aki Hagiwara, the public relations manager at the hotel, said the cost to install the emulator is up to 10 million yen. She also shared that since introducing this special room to the public, the hotel has received many positive reactions from enthusiasts. It is known that the idea of ​​installing flight simulators originates from the hotel’s general manager.

In fact, Haneda Excel Hotel Tokyu is trying to make a difference compared to thousands of other hotels in Tokyo. Hagiwara said that the hotel decided to stick to the airport theme to attract aviation enthusiasts as well as transit passengers-typical customers of hotels near the airport.

Of course, this special hotel still serves passengers who want a regular resort experience like other hotels.
“High-class cockpit room” opens on July 18 for guests to book.
These unique hotel experiences is a very interesting, you should try it. Keeping to follow Vuhes daily for more updating news about unique travel experiences.

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