Excessive vitamin supplementation can cause poisoning

In fact, many experts recommend that we do not need to add vitamins if our bodies are not deficient in vitamins. Vitamin supplements are not completely harmless as many people think.

Adding too many vitamins can also cause our bodies to get vitamin poisoning.

Adding too many vitamins is wrong!

Vitamins are organic compounds necessary in maintaining the normal physiological functions of our bodies. Many people think that taking vitamin supplements on time every day will be healthy. But a recent study proved that they were wrong. Using unreasonable vitamin supplements may put us at risk for poisoning.

The associate professor at Tufts University, Fang Fang Zhang, said that their results supported the idea that, while supplement used contributes to an increased level of total nutrient intake, there were beneficial associations with nutrients from foods that were not seen with supplements.

It is best to supplement vitamins by building a proper diet

In fact, the body's vitamin needs are very small. If we have a balanced and reasonable diet, our bodies will absorb all essential vitamins. Pregnant women and teenagers may also need vitamin supplements, but they should be consulted by a doctor before use. Getting the body to absorb natural vitamins through food is best.

Some researchers suggest that the best method to get vitamins is not through supplements. They suggest that people eat vitamin foods such as kale, spinach, nuts, fruit, and low-fat meat. They also believe that vitamin supplements cannot replace a healthy diet (according to medical news today).

Adding vitamins is essential, but adding too many vitamins is not good. Thus, you should only take vitamin supplements when you really need it.

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