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Evolution of wellness in the workplace

January 28, 2020

A healthy work-life balance is a key to living a long and fulfilling life. How to promote wellness in the workplace? Check out this article!


Workplace wellness programs make everyone happy / Ph: Pexels

Being healthy should be the first priority for a person. However, some people who are workaholics prioritize their job over health. They don’t have a healthy diet, and of course don’t have time to exercise. Many companies understand it and they are implementing workplace wellness programs to promote health and wellbeing of their employees.

Why should companies have a wellness program?

It is not wrong to state that healthy employees make healthy business. Companies that focus on the wellbeing of their employees are the most desirable ones, too. We can’t see the advantages of a wellness program too early. But neither can we deny the benefits of implementing a workplace wellness program. 

Firstly, it will make your employees more productive. As they have a healthy lifestyle which promotes a work-life balance, they will be able to increase their productivity. Secondly, it will reduce office stress and illness. It is undeniable that healthy practices can eliminate stress and improve our health. Therefore, it can prevent illness and stress, resulting in happy and positive employees.

What are the best workplace wellness programs?

A quality wellness program needs to include some activities that cover all areas of employee’s health.

Fitness activities

You can’t let your employees sit on their chairs all day without any exercise. It’s the best when you are able to add an on-site gym or fitness classes in the office. If not, you can encourage your staff to do other fitness-related activities like after-work exercise groups or offer them wearable technology to track their activity during the working day.

Mental health & stress-release activities

Stress, along with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety can be a silent killer. You need to ensure that everyone leaves the office at a reasonable hour or require employees to take time off when they’ve been working so hard. Other activities like yoga classes and massages can help them with these issues too.

Implementing an employee wellness program is an effective way to ensure your employees are in good shape and motivate them to do their best work. 

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