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Everything about hourglass body shape

February 18, 2020

Hourglass body shape is what many women are dreaming of because men seem to be attracted by women with big butts. There are different ways to get this ideal body and you need to consider things carefully before making a decision.

Butts are more attractive than breasts / Ph: Pexels@Asad Photo Maldives


Research says: men prefer buttocks more than breasts

“What men like more? Breasts or buttocks” has always been a hot debate. Some people think that men like buttocks more. Whereas, others believe that breasts are more attractive. In fact, guys often fall for girls with big butts. Maybe people think that men are obsessed with breasts because there is a sharp increase in breast surgery. However, according to a survey which is published by Archives of Sexual Behavior, a famous Argentinean journal, men love buttocks more than breasts. 

The survey was carried out on 184 men to find out whether they preferred breasts or buttocks. These men were given a visual test to determine whether they like more: breasts or buttocks. 59% of all 184 men preferred buttocks more while 38.5% thought that breasts were more attractive. 

 It is obvious that butts attract men. So how to make waist smaller and hips bigger?


You set hourglass body goals but get sick of curvy body workout plan. How to get an hourglass figure without working out? Surely butt implants are the first thing that you think of. It will give an answer to the question “How to have big buttocks and hips in a week?”. There is no working out and no diet but you have to ask yourself many questions before deciding to undergo butt surgery.

What are butt implants?

Butt implants are so popular these days 


Butt implants become so popular nowadays. They are the medical aesthetic treatments for those who wish to improve butt size, shape and appearance and they are how to make your buttocks bigger without exercise. A report made by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons pointed out that there was a sharp rise in the number of butt surgery between the years 2000 and 2015. The amount of patient undergoing butt surgeries had increased up to 252%.

Is it popular?

Are you wondering about how common are buttock implants? Maybe you think it is not popular as you rarely hear about it on news or TV. However, according to professional data source from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there was an enormous increase in butt enhancement surgery. It means that more and more women are taking plastic surgery to give their butt a boost. The statistic from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons also pointed out that butt implants were the fastest-growing type of plastic surgery. Overall, for every 30 minutes, there was a buttock plastic procedure being carried out.

According to board-certified plastic surgeons in New York, the sharp increase in the number of people undergoing butt implants was due to “Kardashian Effect.”

Does butt surgery work?

Buttock implants are perceived as permanent surgery. They have a high success rate. However, the result is not immediate. In fact, according to the data collected by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, most patients have to wait from three to six months to see the full effects of their butt implants. Despite the high success rate, you sometimes have to undergo follow-up surgery to maintain the outcome. It may be several years or even several months, especially when the implants break.

Are you a good candidate for buttock implant?

Buttock surgery is on the rise and quite safe but it does not mean everyone can take it. In fact, some people can and others cannot. To see whether you can have a buttock surgery, it is better to ask a professional and licensed surgeon. For instance, it is recommended that people who smoke tobacco should not give their butt a boost. Moreover, people who live unhealthily also should not fix their buttocks.

You are a good candidate to undergo butt implants if

– You have lost weight recently and this makes the natural shape of your butt gone

– You realize that your butt’s natural shape is too flat

– You think that your butt needs more curves to fit in your body shape

– You want to fight the ageing signs, including sagginess and flatness

– Your butt looks bad and you feel unconfident

Is it expensive?

It is necessary for you to know what you are going to pay for your butt implant surgery. The total money you have to pay includes surgeon’s fee, anaesthesia and room fees. They are separate. The fee that you see when seeking information about butt implants is just the surgeon fee. You need to ask clearly about all the fees before having your butt fixed.

In 2016, generally, the average fee for each butt implant was about 4680 dollars. And this fee did not include insurance in spite of the fact that butt implants are perceived as the procedure. You can pay the fee at once. If you cannot afford it, you can ask the providers first. They often offer their clients many payment options, for instance, low-interest loan.

Is it long-lasting?

If you are about to have a butt surgery, you want it to last forever. In theory and according to what the surgeons explain, it will last for a lifetime. The silicone material used in buttock implants are durable and semi-solid, thus buttock implants could last for a lifetime. But, in fact, there are several factors that can determine how long do butt implants last. 

If you have an unlicensed or inexperienced surgeon to fix your butt, you cannot hope it to last for long. Moreover, the beauty market now is full of low-quality silicone. You are not a professional and of course, you cannot distinguish the good one from the bad one. So the chance for buttock implants to last for a lifetime is low. Even worse, you have to face buttock augmentation risks.

Is it dangerous to undergo hourglass body shape surgery?

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, there is 95.6% of patients satisfied with their buttock surgeries. This rate is high but we also need to look at buttock augmentation side effects.

The dangers of buttock injections include excessive bleeding after surgery, pain, scarring, skin discolouration, infection, allergic reactions, skin loss, nausea and vomiting from anaesthesia and fluid or blood accumulation underneath the buttocks. Moreover, risks of fat transfer to buttocks are fat absorption in your body, which then leads to asymmetry. These effects, of course, can be fixed if you can find a licensed surgeon, but it will cost a lot and you will be terribly hurtful.

In the worst scenario, failed butt surgery could lead to disfigurement, stroke and even death. There is no type of injections for body contouring and augmentation has been approved by the FDA. It is not worth risking your life just to be beautiful. There are different ways to get curvy hourglass shape that you should try instead of undergoing risky butt surgery. 


Female hourglass body workout is an effective solution to get hourglass body type without taking surgeries. You completely can exercise to increase buttocks and hips and this is an alternative that many people are choosing. You can go to the gym and the trainers will help you to to do. Or if you do not want to go to the gym, hourglass body workout at home is easy to follow.

             Hourglass body workout is easy to follow


It is better to build a detailed curvy body workout plan and follow it strictly. There are several exercises for an hourglass-shaped body: lift-off lunge, mermaid, pushup and leg raise, hundred on the ball, tai chi lunge, glute bridge with triceps extension, lateral step-ups, side plank with moving knee. The female hourglass body workout can affect different parts of your body but focuses mainly on your buttocks and your waist. You should exercise daily, it is how to get a smaller waist and bigger hips.


If you want to know how to make your buttocks bigger fast naturally, besides exercises, you need to care more about your diet. Hourglass figure workout diet, of course, is different from your normal diet. The rule is maintaining a clean and nutritious diet. If you have an hourglass body workout plan and good hourglass diet, this ideal body is possible. 

Many people often consume too few calories and think that it will help. In fact, eating less will not help you to have an hourglass body. In some cases, it will help you to lose weight but you have to endure the side effects when you are lack of necessary nutrients. You need to distinguish clearly, you need hourglass figure and you do not need to be thin.

Eat clean 

First, you need to eat clean and avoid processed foods. This is how to make the waist smaller and how to get bigger buttocks naturally. The more foods closer to their natural state, the cleaner they are. So what kind of foods should I eat to get an hourglass figure? The answer is simple. They are fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains and lean meats. These foods are great sources of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. All of them are necessary for weight loss and firming up.

Fast foods should be avoided. As they are called, fast foods are only fast and save your time. But if you are trying to reach hourglass body goals, these foods should be out of your diet. Fast foods are not healthy to consume since they are high in sodium content and fat, thus there will be little room for other nutritional elements. 

Add to that, the quality of fast food is often lower than the foods which are fresh. Manufacturers do not care about that. All they care about is their convenience and profits. Fast foods often go through the process of production, packaging, shipping and freezing. This process is to ensure the fast food’s availability and safety but it reduces the food quality.

Eat more protein and soluble fibre

Protein can help you to answer the question “How to get an hourglass figure”. It contributes greatly to weight loss and muscle gain. Eating protein will make you fuller for longer; therefore, you will eat less. Protein also works to strengthen your muscles, which is how to get a smaller waist and bigger hips.

Soluble fibre also should be added to your daily meals because it is digested slowly, thus it will maintain the full-belly feeling and you will not eat unhealthy foods such as snacks and fast foods.

Cut down on soda

Soda is full of calories but has no nutritional value, so it is better to eliminate it.

Cut back on sugar

If you find it hard to cut back on sugar that you intake every day, just do it slowly. There is no need to eliminate sugar completely but at least you should reduce it because sugar is directly related to excess body fat. According to the American Heart Association, women should not eat more than 25 grams of sugar every day. Remember to read nutrition labels before buying and eating anything. Many foods often contain added sugar to enhance their taste. They may be very delicious and make you want to eat more. No matter how hard you try to do hourglass body workout, you still cannot get the ideal body if you cannot control what you eat.

Drink more water

Drinking enough water every day should be put at the top priority, especially for people who are strictly following hourglass body workout routine to get their ideal body shape. It is advised to drink a glass of water right before you wake up in order to get your metabolism cranking. Before each meal, remember to drink water in order to keep yourself from overindulging. Drinking enough amount of water every day will help to flush out toxins in your body and keep you from retaining water. Generally, an adult should drink at least 64 ounces of water every day, but drink more is fine.

Curvy body plastic surgery can help you to boost your butt quickly and effortlessly. However, there are often risks associated with this process. You can try many different ways to get the hourglass body through exercise and diet. Be wise when deciding.

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