Enjoy your retreat with Barrington Eco Hut

June 21, 2020

If you are looking for a quiet summer getaway, Barrington Eco Hut could be an ideal place to go. Let’s see why the cabins designed by Fresh Prince are worth trying for your vacation.


Get closer to nature with Barrington Eco Hut


Why is Barrington Eco Hut special?



Barrington Eco Hut is the latest tiny project of Fresh Prince. With the aim is to make human closer to nature, the firm had tried to eliminate things like phone reception or wi-fi.

Each of the isolated getaways is just 14 square metres of interior space, which is even smaller than a typical one-bedroom apartment. However, the surrounding riverbanks promise to help you have the best relaxing moment. This self-contained and off-grid cabin will minimize the effect on the environment. And in the situation that environmental problems have become more and more severe, Fresh Prince’ cabins can be a great idea to enjoy your wild retreat.

Fresh Prince’s cabins are not only environment-friendly, but they are also less time-consuming. While it takes years for architectural projects to come to fruition, building the whole cabin just takes 6 months (including designing process), with the use of prefabricated construction. Add to that, these cabins are designed to have a minimum physical and environmental footprint with solar power, sustainable plywood lining, a composting toilet, wax cladding, exposed copper, reconstituted sawdust and brass plumbing.


Who is behind these architecturally designed cabins?



Fresh Prince, a well-known design and build studio in Sydney, is the one behind the idea of wilderness retreat cabin. Established in 2016, Fresh Prince has become one of the most creative designers in the field of unique plant and architectural concepts. The firm has successfully designed remote retreat, which is in picturesque locations and does not disturb the surrounding environment.



With the passion for authentic sustainable practice extends, Fresh Prince is extremely careful in material selection to facilitate efficiency and longevity. Alice, Fresh Prince director, hopes that through their tiny design project, they can inspire people to rethink the amount of space they need in their homes; thus, living a more simplified life.

Barrington Eco Hut has opened to guests. If you want to escape from the digital world and get closer to nature, these cabins are worth trying.

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