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The new tool for mindfulness

April 14, 2019

It is true to say that this tool is the new tool for modern mindfulness.

Ph: Moment Pebble

Moment Pebble – The tool for modern mindfulness

It is possible that Moment Pebble is the tool to support mindfulness that differs from Headspace or Calm.

In fact, Moment Pebble is known as a cleverly designed, illuminated pebble. This special tool allows you to have 30 seconds of mindfulness anytime and anywhere. It is a suitable mindfulness tool for everyone, especially busy people. With light coming from inside, Moment Pebble helps you reduce stress and renew energy by guiding you through short breathing exercises.

Using  Moment Pebble to improve your health are a good idea / Ph: Moment Pebble

Co-founder of Moment Pebble, Mr. Charlie Cadbury, said that even those people who used excellent mindfulness tools like the Headspace or Calm apps tend to use them in the morning or evening. However, it was during the day that we were the most stressed. They designed the Moment Pebble to be a simple tool to reduce stress during these times, and ultimately improve overall wellbeing in the long-term.

Moment Pebble is a very useful mindfulness tool. It helps you reduce anxiety, relieve stress, reduce depression, renew energy, increase sleep, enhance brain, .. in a very short period of time. Especially, it is compact in size so you can easily carry it.

Thanks to using this mindfulness tool, you only need about half a minute a day to take care of your health by mindfulness. Let give this mindfulness tool a try.

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