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The age gaps to build long-lasting relationships

January 28, 2019

Effects of age difference on a relationship

Hugo Mialon and Andrew Francis, the 2 scientists from Emory University in Atlanta, carrying research on this effects. The results may surprise you. The 2 scientists revealed the best age gap to develop a long relationship.

The research is conducted with 3000 participants to evaluate their demographics, particular factors when selecting their partners and the longevity of their relationships.

Large age gap can influence the longevity of a relationship. 

It shows the divorce rates of couples with different age gaps :

●      One-year gap: Relationships between 2 people within 12 month-year gap last longest. The divorce rate is only 3%.

●      Five-year gap: Couples with 5-year age difference have the divorce rate of 18%.

●      Ten-year gap: Spouses which have an age gap of 10 years tend to experience the divorce rate of 39%.

●      Twenty-year gap: Relationships between people of 20-year difference are most likely to break down.

Reasons behind the results

People sometimes tend to look down on wide-age-gap couples. This social disapproval leads to a disagreement between them. Especially, if the disapproval comes from their friends, family, their divorce rate increases.

Obviously, two people belonging to two generations will have different problems and point of views. This causes major conflicts between them which is difficult to avoid, leading to their breakup.

So is age gap everything you need when choosing your partner? Absolutely no. There are numerous factors contributing to your lasting relationships, such as personal goals, trust, support, commitment,… Therefore, those couples who are worrying about the age difference, remember that love, support, respect, trust are more important than age to build your lasting relationships.

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