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‘TERA’ eco-home – Beauty of nature environment & quiet experience

June 28, 2019

Eco home is a topic that attracts much attention today. Is this idea widely accepted and attracts many visitors?

Whether you grow up to be an astronaut or a trip out of this planet, is what you decide later in life, there’s no denying the fact that the space is the final border. The TERA eco home is an ideal choice if you want to enjoy the space on the planet. Can you believe it?

It will satisfy those with a curiosity for the Red Planet 

Quiet experience in the beauty of nature environment

This summer, AI SpaceFactory announced that: TERA is the home of the Planet, a future ecological environment that shows how to build sustainably on Earth. Created with space control technology developed for NASA, TERA will be 3D printed from recycled materials that can be incubated back into the soil at the end of its life cycle.

TERA’s mission is to challenge the construction industry, waste massive materials, and create a market for a new kind of building, a type that is harvested from the earth and returned to land.

AI SpaceFactory wants to make the entire extraterrestrial experience a little more by allowing you to be in a 3D printing house that will enable you to experience Mars on Earth in a New York suburb.

TERA, their homes, and conical habitats are built from the same 3D printing technology and biodegradable materials they designed for long, sustainable life on Mars.

They arrange for some people who will stay in their crazy futuristic house space for two hours outside NYC to help study what people need to live on Mars and also emphasize the need of renewable technology to save the Earth.

Housing is located at Upstate New Yorker and is currently being raised on Indiegogo, where tourists can commit to spending one or more nights in the building after being built. The building’s conical design provides all the necessary amenities for residents, including living space, sleeping loft, and bathroom. The ‘TERA’ eco-house will surely please those with curiosity towards the Red Planet.

Who wants to be part of this program?

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