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Popular Beauty and Wellness Booking Apps To Try Right Now

July 09, 2019

The world of health is booming at its seams. New trends, products, and experiences are emerging on the left and center, as more and more of us are applying comprehensive practices into everyday life. So what on the cards for 2019 or next year?

Whether you need bangs on your holiday or a new colorist in your city, the next wave of beauty services app has embraced you. These new beauty and wellness services apps bring all the guesswork out of the appointment. Some people can arrange for beauty professionals to come directly to you if you need a makeup specialist or wedding manicurist. 

Below is the list of Popular Beauty and Wellness Booking Apps To Try Right Now.


A new beauty and wellness booking app / Ph. App Store

Bring your favorite hairdressers to you, bgX lets you put professional stylists to your home, hotel, or office to refresh. When working with Uber, scheduling is not required – you just need to set it on demand. You’ll find some top stores listed, from people like Hob Salons and Toni & Guy to independent stores like Hari’s and Jo Hansford, offering hair, makeup and manicure appointments.

This wellness appointment app aims to develop the way beauty salons engage with their urban customers – serving the growing needs of consumers for premium services and instant response. It is the world’s first beauty technology company to build and launch demand, and the fully automated platform connects customers with stylists at leading stores in London.



A fast and convenient beauty and wellness booking app / Ph. App Store

A completely new version of MindBody has been released, and now on the premier gym set, you can explore all kinds of classes and beauty appointments. Advanced search and easy-to-use filters make aesthetics booking faster and more convenient.

Mindbody is a cloud-based club scheduling and management solution designed for the needs of small and medium businesses. The product is mainly used by gyms, personal fitness and training centers, beauty salons, spas and massage centers, wellness centers, dance schools, and yoga studios.

This beauty service booking app provides features such as scheduling with wait list management, Facebook appointment booking, automatic scheduling via email and text and online booking. Membership can also be managed through it.

Mindbody also has a set of tools for marketing management. With this beauty booking site, announcements and alerts can be set up for customers, targeted marketing campaigns can be launched and marketing reports can be created and evaluated.


A great beauty and wellness booking app/ Ph. App Store

In addition to the beauty treatments, Priv is promoting its game with health care services. Fitness professionals, nail technicians, spray specialists, and other certified professionals will be ready to work where and when you want. Customers can choose a Priv Pro based on user ratings, work portfolios and availability.

You just need to go to the interface of this online booking beauty services app and click. Immediately, Priv is separated because it is not just beauty – it sends a stylist team (hair, makeup, nails) or health care professionals (fitness, massage) to wherever you go. You just need to click on the service you want, pull up an expert and basically Uber right at your door. You can arrange the time or choose the nearest stylist.


You can easily book appointments with this beauty and wellness booking app / Ph. App Store

Whether you need makeup for the wedding or just a night out girl, you can browse inspiration and book an appointment at Blushington with their beauty treatments booking app. Makeup salon offers eyelash extensions and makeup course, and their makeup applications start at a reasonable fee of $40.

Blushington is known as a store for everything beauty. They provide everything from expanding eyelashes to ready-made red carpet makeup. And while they offer a variety of in-store services (including bridal advice and wedding makeup), Blushington wellness booking app offers a service called Blush on the Go.

It includes makeup services like the Full Face Makeup Application package. The best part? As said, the makeup artist comes to your doorstep. Not only can you test Blushington makeup artists in the comfort of your own home but also if you love your makeup, you can easily set them up for your wedding and shop during your great day.

Le Salon

A beauty and wellness booking app / Ph. App Store

LeSalon allows you to order a wide range of advanced nail, waxing and hair removal services through the beauty booking website and application. Anytime, anywhere (in London), a ‘salonette’ can all come to you, with pampering payments made securely through digital reservations. It cannot be easier.

Founder Natasha Pilbrow and Jean-Michel Chalayer created LeSalon to allow freelance nail technicians and especially working mothers to work flexibly while earning a good living, not working in a salon traditional. LeSalon’s convenience factor is to have a high-quality nail or toenail (including Shellac) in the comfort of your home or even during the lunch break at the office.

This includes a fully automated reservation process, with proprietary algorithms providing feedback within two minutes. It also ensures that every therapist involved in the platform undergoes data inspection and protection.

In the future, LeSalon plans to launch its service in many areas across the UK. Manchester is the first place. It will also automate its Salonettes application for therapists to easily track costs and logistics.

Blow Ltd

beauty and wellness booking app for customers based in UK / Ph. App Store

If you live in London, you don’t even have to leave your home to cut your hair anymore because Blow Ltd has added a haircut service to your requested services. Simply put a slot on the app and a qualified hairdresser will come to cut and dry your hair in the comfort of your own home.

Blow LTD was established in November 2013 by Fiona McIntosh, former editor-in-chief of ELLE and Grazia and Dharmash Mistry, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, to provide quick beauty and expert services for busy women.

This team of more than 650 beauty professionals and beauty center specialists has been selected, censored, tested and has an average of ten years experience, so you can relax when you know you’re in the best hands. and safest. They are also proud to support a female team mainly of talented beauty professionals, by providing them with more money and more flexibility to organize their work around their busy lives and families.

“Best of speedy beauty treatments: Blow LTD provides ‘Fast Beauty To Go’, bringing speedy and high-quality beauty treatments quite literally to your door if you live or work in the capital. You can book a blow-dry, makeup or nail service with a mobile qualified stylist with just a few clicks, and your appointment will be confirmed within an hour,” the famous magazine Harper’s Bazaar commented on this beauty and wellness booking app.


beauty and wellness booking app for a better way to workout / Ph. App store

Esquared is a beauty booking app that helps you control your exercise regimen. Whether you’re doing aerobics, stress training, yoga, dancing, distance, biking, boxing or one of the many combinations of all, you’ll find what you’re looking for via Esquared. And the beauty of it is that you can join classes in different places and don’t need contracts.

What this means for you as a beauty and wellness user is that you can find the best aerobics or the best yoga place and go there to join. Find the best beauty and wellness centre and take advantage of it. With Esquared, you can make a search for a fitness class or gym by assigning a location and see what they offer. When you find what you need, all you do is reserve your place in class or a 2-hour workout and show it when it’s time. Self-care application of payments through the in-app billing system. After you make a payment, you will receive a confirmation code from this beauty and wellness booking app to display at the fitness centre and then you are ready to practice.

An additional benefit to Esquared is the ability to connect with the community of fitness enthusiasts and maybe even schedule to meet classes together. Studies have shown that having a Viking exercise partner, helps exercise more happily and helps you to be consistent. It restrains every thought of ignoring a habit because you know that you have to meet with your partner. Esquared helps you maintain these partnerships and helps you stay on track to meet your fitness goals.


A beauty and wellness booking app helps you find a makeup artist that fits your unique style/ Ph. App Store

Just like there are countless speed dial specialists, Beyou connects you with qualified individuals who can wear makeup in the comfort of your own home. The better is that you don’t have to worry about sky-high prices or end up with makeup that you hate because you can control choosing the right price frame and finding inspiration for you.

Beyou is the beauty and wellness booking app for your personal makeup specialist including London and the surrounding counties. With the top 50 artists of London on board, you don’t need to find anywhere else to decorate your wedding. Beyou will find a makeup artist that fits your unique style. Whether classic, super charming, natural, alternative or classic, booking this beauty and wellness app will find you the perfect artist to make sure you’re looking for and feeling your best in your big day.

Beyou is designed to work around your budget, which can be changed on occasion. Whether you want to spend £50, £100 or £250, Beyou offers the option to choose your favorite makeup artist, location and time.

In 2018, they witnessed a huge increase in beauty and wellness’s users and especially bookings at the workplace. It seems like more than ever we want to look our best, even when we’re busy. Beyou allows you to compare makeup experts: Prices, reviews, and ratings to find the best person for you. Then, directly from your phone, you can schedule and manage your own reservations, directly to your desk if you want.

Style My Hair

A well-known beauty and wellness booking app/ Ph.App Store

Although other hair color applications make you look like you’re wearing a bad Snapchat wig or filter, L’Oreal Professionnel’s ‘Style My Hair’ is much more practical. This beauty and wellness booking app allows you to change the “live” hair color and in 3D mode, providing an experience that is not only perfect for a selfie once, but also to avoid regret after actually dyeing hair.

Designed by L’Oréal Professionnel, Style My Hair is a mobile virtual makeup application. The idea was simple: before going through the box hairdresser (and sorry for the results), we tried many different hairstyles directly through his phone! A small revolution should avoid any disappointment in hair salons and allow us to refine our choices! Not only is a mobile application of virtual makeup, but L’Oréal Professionnel has also turned the Style My Hair into a real application dedicated to hair. In this way, you will find personal beauty care tips for daily hair care routine including products that fit your hair and beauty habits to adhere to.

To accompany this very practical beauty and wellness booking app, L’Oréal Professionnel has imagined a series of hair care services with precious oils, especially for thick hair and normal hair.

L’Oréal Professionnel hair artist, Matthew Collins, explains that: “Style My Hair is reaching a new level. This new beauty technology is really going to change the way we interact with our clients, by enabling them to test live all the hair colours they want and spot the best ones according to their skin tone. It will give the most realistic idea of how your new hair colour will look like on you and represents a key tool for hairdressers to upgrade the diagnosis session.”

Now..let’s experience one of above beauty and wellness booking apps

Whether you need a last-minute wax or are looking for a new hairdresser, a few taps on these beauty and wellness booking apps and you’re fine. Some have experts who will come and stand at your door and say hello. While others help to arrange a same-day beauty appointment at a top beauty salon in your area. Not sure which beauty and wellness booking app is right for you? Do not worry, let’s visit

Above are some of the beauty and wellness services apps for you to experience. Following Vuhes daily for updating more latest news and articles about beauty and wellness.

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