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New luxury tree house escape

July 01, 2019

Recently, eco-building start-up Baumbau has finished its nature tree house. The design was made by Studio Precht while the concept was developed by Chris Precht and Fei Tang Frecht. Let’s find out more about this special house.

Baumbau is a start-up which focuses on cosy house design and luxury treehouse experience for alternative tourism.

This house on the tree is called Bert and is inspired by the two famous cartoons Sesame Street and Minions. Besides art, this tree house focuses on delivering playfulness, joy and nature experience.

       Bert was inspired by Sesame Street and Minions. 
Chris Precht, the co-founder of Precht, says that if you notice, you can realize the cultural and traditional factors in their luxury tree house.

When developing the concept of this nature tree house, the best architects in Precht looked at art, literature, nature and philosophy to get the reference. However, not like other designers who look for their inspiration at Michelangelo or Dali, Chris Precht and Fei Tang provided luxury tree house experience through the eyes of children.

Rather than conventional building, they said, they wanted to create something natural, unique. And luxury tree house escapes are what came in their mind.

It is a cosy house that includes bedrooms, living room, kitchen, library and bathroom. These rooms can be adapted in a different arrangement based on customer’s demand.

The luxury tree house Bert took on the tubular form, aiming at the minimum footprint. Bert has sufficient functions like a normal house, while still being unique as it looks like branches going out from the tree. Its interiors bring a cave-like atmosphere with mainly dark and cosy colours.

This luxury tree house also has some large openings, allowing you to overlook the forest.

This nature tree house is an unique construction that Studio Precht has done recently. Bert was designed as a small house, but if you want, enlargement is possible.

Let’s experience new luxury tree house escape yourself.

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