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Japanese teen’s trend

December 03, 2018


As you know, the ‘Yutori’ (millennial) generation is considered to be those born after 1987 and before 1997 in Japan. So, let’s take a look at Japanese teen’s trend from this website.

What makes a person a Millennial?

People who was born into a digital world where technology has not only taken over our lives but also has shaped the way that we perceive politics and other social things. I know that there are many people out there that do not care to have a generational identity; however, there are characteristics that get tied to each generation because typically theyre true. Lets look at a few.

“Third wave” Korean boom

It is currently trending among Japanese millennials:

SNSD The Boys Wallpaper HD2

The first one was in the early 2000s, television series “Winter Sonata’’ became a hit among middle-aged Japanese women. The second came around 2010 when Korean ‘idol’ group such as Girl’s Generation, Big Bang.. became popular among a broader audience. Compared to the first two, the current third boom is “through the culture and among young people”.

Young people today do not care whether they come from Korea or not, and Japan is a major for Korean cultural content.

Spread the trend

It also shows that the third wave boom is primarily among the millennial generation. Content and products fit well with young people who are into Twitter, Instagram.. Goods tend to be with suitable priced, cute shapes and cute packaging.

For example, in China, the online short platform TikTok added an e-commerce function this year, trend is the same outside of Japan. According the research, almost 60% of internet celebrities with more than 100.000 followers are also starting to sign contracts with advertisers.

Hopefully, the information I give you in this post is the foundation to understand more about the teen’s trend recently. Remember to note if you are impressed by things I mentioned above.

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