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Now you can talk to your tulip

April 13, 2019

And as Google say, this miracle is created thanks for advancement in AI.

The advancements in AI allowed Google Home to understand what tulips are saying as well as translate between Tulipish. The feature was tested in the Netherlands world-famous flower park – Keukenhof. Users can say: Okay Google, talk to my Tulip”

Google Tulip Allowing Users to Talk to Plants / Ph: Google

Talk to flowers? How can flower talk to you? You definitely say that NO WAY to do this. But its true! Google Tulip is new service from Google. It allows Google Home communicate with tulips, understand and translate for you what flowers are saying. Even it is possible for you to use Google Home to talk to other plants such as cacti, roses.

Talk to your tulips with Google Home / Ph: Google

Inventors from Google and Wageningen University & Research team map tulips signals to human language regarding to building on Assistant’s existing Neural Machine Translation. And now Tulipish is now added to the Google Home’s language list for translation. So, you can understand what tulips are saying in different human languages.

Ph: Google

If Google Duplex is considered as a wonderful AI assistant who can call you and helps you avoid the hassles of human interaction, Google Tulip is more wonderful and outstanding. With advancement in AI, Google Tulip is able to connect billion of flowers and helps flower’s cultivators and admirers understand their flowers and take care of them in the best way. In the future, you will have chance to talk to more kinds of flowers, too.

Did you try this service yet?

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