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Best diet for cancer prevention

July 11, 2019

According to many researches, people can completely prevent dangerous cancer by healthy diet regime. In fact, there is not any specific kind of food can prevent all types of cancer, but the smart combination of foods can give users a good health and help prevent cancer. 

Some foods for cancer prevention

Breakfast rich in folate – 1st of best diet for cancer prevention 

A diet should be rich in folate (providing enough vitamin B for the body) to help people reduce risk of colon cancer, rectal cancer and breast cancer. Actually, eating more cereal at breakfast will supply more folate for the body. Folate is also found in orange juice, watermelons or strawberries. 

There are some foods for cancer prevention that contain high folate amount such as eggs, greens, beans, sunflower seeds, green vegetables or spinach. Therefore, the best way to get enough folate is to eat fruits, vegetables and cereal products. 

Stop eating too many fried foods – 2nd of best diet for cancer prevention

A lot of studies show that barbecue and different kinds of fried meat can produce carcinogens for users. Let’s limit cooking food by frying, try to eat more steamed and boiled dishes. In case of baking and frying food, you should follow an organic diet for cancer as choose organic foods from vegetables, reduce the amount of salt, marinate before baking to reduce foods which can produce carcinogens. 

Limit alcohol – 3rd of best diet for cancer prevention

Actually, many kinds of cancer can be caused by drink too much alcohol. This drink may also increase the risk of colon and rectal cancer. The American Institute of Cancer Research recommends that people should reduce alcohol consumption. Specifically, you should not drink more than two cups per day for men and one cup for women. Let’s apply this healthy diet regime

Drink enough water – 4th of best diet for cancer prevention

We found that the best diet for cancer flighting is drink enough water. Water not only helps people quench but also protect the body against bladder cancer. When drinking enough water, you will eliminate toxins faster through the urinary tract. So, bladder does not have to store pathogens for a long time. 

In addition to maintain a healthy lifestyle and carry out periodic medical examination; have a healthy diet regime is a good way to prevent cancer risk. Therefore, let’s try to change your daily healthy eating habit to have a healthy body and a better life. Following Vuhes daily for more useful information about healthy diet plans.

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