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Beauty ampoule – wonderful remedy for a perfect skin

November 09, 2018


Perfect skin care procedure needs many different steps, in which use specialized beauty products such as toner, serum, essence, lotion or cream. In recent years, beauty ampoule has been added to women’s skin care routine as an indispensable step because of its remarkable effect.

One of the most effective beauty products

Ampoule is originally from dermatological laboratories or high-grade spa and is considered as a secret weapon to attract customers to these places. However, with modern technology and desire of bringing beauty to everyone, cosmetic brands have brought ampoule out of the laboratory to become one of the most favorite skin care products on beauty market.


Being new product of beauty market but ampoule receives a lot of positive feedback from users / Ph: Pinterest

You can consider ampoule as a kind of tonic for skin. As it contains more condensed essence, ampoule penetrates deeper and works on skin faster than other common essences. Because of its high concentration, ampoule is usually contained in small vials. Sometimes users just need one or two drops to see the remarkable result. According to realistic using, ampoule is lightweight and velvety, easily absorbed into skin’s pores in order to bring more radiant and healthier skin.

Explosion of beauty ampoule in many big brands

Late last year, L’Oréal China introduced two new products related to ampoule, which are manufactured at local Research & Innovation Center of the company. Besides, Estée Lauder also added new ampoule style product whose name is Intensive Recovery Ampoule. This trend affects another brand in the Lauder group: Clinique launched its new FP Daily Booster Vit C.

Many beauty brands introduce different kinds of ampoule as their new products / Ph: Pinterest

Experts and beauty fans even call ampoule “A-list star in cosmetics world”. To be a late-born child but it is a big step in cosmetics industry in general as well as the beauty care industry in particular. 

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