EmbodyMove – The Latest VR Wellness Experiences

The Two Bit Circus’ Beta Night event this Spring will be a night to remember. It is because attendees will have a chance to take part in various exciting games with the unique experience.

And the most exciting VR Wellness Experiences is “EmbodyMove” that's rooted in virtual reality.

EmbodyMove – The Exciting VR Wellness Experiences

EmbodyMove was a game produced by Two Bit Circus in partnership with MAP Design Lab and Lululemon Whitespace.

Ph: Two Bit Circus/Map Design Lab

This game offers a distinctive experience that fuses traditional mindfulness and movement practices with VR technology.

It takes two players to join the game and go on a VR journey together. They will then see their bodies as tools. With the help of headset and pressure-sensing yoga mats, players are free to focus on creating fluid motions and pilot the entire experience with their bodies.

Ph: Two Bit Circus/Map Design Lab

Pressure-sensing yoga mats track users’ weight distributions while a camera monitors pose position. When a player completes the pose with great accuracy, the virtual environment around them will change and evolve.

So what benefits will EmbodyMove bring to us?

The first advantage is more connecting to our own bodies. When we are in the game, we need to connect deeply to bodies which are the weapons in the VR world. The deep connection to the bodies results in better wellness experiences.

Then thanks to EmbodyMove, we interact more effectively with our partner in a virtual space.

Ph: Two Bit Circus/Map Design Lab

How to take part in EmbodyMove?

If you want to experience EmbodyMove, let’s go to Two Bit Circus’ Beta Night, held at the Micro-Amusement Park in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday, April 9th.

You will be free to enjoy Beta game including EmbodyMove. Moreover, you don’t need to book your place. You only need to arrive early to secure your spots.

After Beta Night, EmbodyMove will take over one of the four private cabanas at Two Bit Circus and remain available for at least one month.

For more information about the Two Bit Circus and its upcoming Beta Night, let’s visit https://twobitcircus.com/

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