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Dry Shampoo: how to apply & tips for using it to look your best

April 04, 2020

1. What is dry shampoo?


Dry shampoo is a powdery substance that can be applied either as a spray, or as a powder, to absorb excess oils from the hair and scalp, leaving the hair looking cleaner, more voluminous, and a little more textured. Most dry shampoo formulas include butane, propane, alcohol, or aluminum. More natural formulas feature ingredients like rice or corn starch, and kaolin clay.

It absorbs the oil that makes your hair look greasy without drying your scalp out, like washing your hair with water every day can do. 


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2. When to use dry shampoo?


Dry shampoo gives your hair the appearance of being clean, since it absorbs the oil that can make hair look dirty. Find the washing routine that works for you, whether its three times a week or less, and use dry shampoo every day in between.

Use dry shampoo after a trip to the gym. Dry shampoo can also come in handy when youve exercised and dont have time to take a shower before returning to work or school.

Use dry shampoo after a long airplane flight or a travel day. Its convenient to carry a small bottle for times when you dont have access to a shower.

Dont use dry shampoo more than a few times in a row before washing your hair with regular shampoo and water. Since dry shampoo doesnt clean skin flakes and other debris from your hair, its necessary to use water regularly.


3. How to apply the dry shampoo?


Sprinkle the powder you chose over the top of your head, especially in the areas that tend to get oily, like your bangs and part. Use your fingers to distribute it.

If you use a spray bottle of dry shampoo, hold it 6 inches (15.2 cm) from your head and spray. Hold it far enough away so that the shampoo settles evenly over your head.

If you wish, brush your hair so the dry shampoo is distributed down the length of the hair shafts. Focus mostly on the roots, but if the rest of your hair needs freshening up, add a little more to the tips.

This might get messy, so do it over the sink or be ready to sweep or vacuum when youre done.

Wait 5 to 10 minutes for the dry shampoo to absorb the oil from your hair. If you have particularly oily hair, it may take a little longer.


Use dry shampoo on dry hair


If you try to put powder on wet hair, it will get clumpy and look a mess. Dont use dry shampoo until your hair is totally dry. It works on grease, but not water.


Do not rub dry shampoo into your scalp


Dry shampoo can accumulate on your scalp and make it itch. If youre using spray-on shampoo, hold it several inches away from your head so you dont spray it directly on your scalp. Sprinkle homemade dry shampoo over your head from a height of several inches. Keep coming back Vuhes daily for more beauty hair tips.

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