Dominant beauty trends on Google

2018 ended with the rapid development of the beauty industry. And Google is an effective tool that facilitates this development greatly. We have done many searches on Google for the information we need.

Here are Google beauty trends that most people care about.

#1: Trendy makeup tips

Eyelash took over the beauty movement in 2018 / Ph: The Lash Loft

It seems that in 2018, the topic of eyelash took over the Google beauty trends. The first three out of ten international beauty trends were associated with eyelash, including “How to apply magnetic lashes”, “What is a lash lift” and “How to remove individual eyelashes”. Additional increasing Google beauty trends are “What hair colours look best on me”, “What to do a cat eye”, ...

#2: What about skincare products?

According to Google’s 2018 Year In Search, Fillorga Time Filler Eyes got the first position in term of skincare products in Google beauty trends. This eye cream, with active ingredients, is designed to reduce dark circles and wrinkles, lift up eyelids and boost eyelashes. By applying it daily, the eyes will look wider and wrinkles will be smoother. Other products in the top five are GHD straighteners, Makeup Revolution concealer, Magic Hair Iron and Retinol Cream.

#3: Hottest beauty ingredients

Natural beauty ingredients dominate Google beauty trends besides makeup tips and skincare products. The first five ingredients include witch hazel, aloe, neem, rosehip and rice water. If your products contain these trending ingredients, putting it in the front and the centre will boost sales considerably.

#4: Chemical ingredients

People today concern more about the efficacy and safety of product ingredients. The topic ranked first in the Google beauty trends in term of efficacy is Vitamin, in which vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin serum are the hottest keywords. In the top safe chemical search is sulfate with sulfate-free-shampoo.

These are things that dominate Google beauty trends in 2018. If you are looking for the best makeup tips, skin care products or good ingredients, take a look to have more information.

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