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Does reiki really work?

December 14, 2019

Reiki therapy is quite popular these days as an instant energy healing technique. This method does not cure diseases or illness directly but managing symptoms and improving your health.

Reiki could relieve pain, anxiety and depression
Reiki could relieve pain, anxiety and depression / Ph: Instagram@Intl Center for Reiki training

Some people claim that reiki therapy is ridiculous when they first hear about it. During a session, practitioners place their hands directly on you or above you in order to bring about healing. Many studies have been conducted to find out the real health benefits of reiki healing therapy.

Pain, anxiety and fatigue relief

Reiki healing for anxiety and depression and reiki for weight loss are proved through review of randomized trials. However, additional and sufficient study is still required to determine the real benefits of reiki healing therapy. According to a 2015 study, when using reiki healing for cancer patients, they also realized that their levels of pain, anxiety and fatigue were lower than the control group.

Another study in 2015 on reiki healing for mental illness revealed that reiki could reduce pain, anxiety and the breathing rate in women after having a cesarean delivery 2 days. The number of analgesic pain killers taken was decreased in significant amount. Reiki also did not affect blood pressure and pulse rate.

Depression treatment

One of the most popular reiki treatment benefits is depression treatment. A 2010 study was carried out to find the effects of reiki therapy for anxiety and depression. Participants reported an improvement of their physical symptoms, mood and well-being as well. They also experienced relaxation, increased curiosity and self-care level.

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Improve the quality of life

Reiki therapy benefits can facilitate overall well-being. So reiki therapy is popular as reiki treatment for cancer patients. Women who had reiki therapy witnessed an increase in their sleep patterns, self-confidence and a sense of calm, inner peace and relation, which were improving their life quality.

 Other symptoms and conditions

Patients also receive reiki treatments for:





Reiki therapy is a non-invasive and thought-to-be-safe treatment. Although there are many trials proving the health benefits of reiki healing therapy, further research and studies are needed.

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