Does ideal protein diet help weight loss?

There are many proven methods of losing weight, of which the ideal protein diet is a way to burn fat more efficiently.  The ideal protein diet also applies temporary fat restriction, forcing the body to burn off its fat stores for energy throughout the day.  Does the ideal protein diet really have a real weight loss effect?

I. Ideal protein diet

The main goal of the ideal protein diet is to limit carbohydrate intake to reduce excess glucose in the body.  This will take about three days for your body to completely reduce the amount of glucose in the body and increase fat burning for energy for body activities.

 Ideal protein diet formulated by Dr. Tran Tien Chanh and Olivier Ben Loulou.  The principles of the ideal protein diet were first used about 20 years ago to create a safer and easier to follow diet for the sick.

 This diet, also known as ketogen, is based on the principle of replacing carbohydrates with beneficial fats to put the body in ketosis.  In ketosis, the body burns more energy.  However, the ideal protein diet has a change in that fat intake is also reduced.  Proponents of the ideal protein diet claim that this will help the body burn excess fat more quickly and efficiently.  This is purely a diet built on scientific basis, adopting the ketogenic diet in addition to the education of a healthy lifestyle.

II. Stages of the ideal protein diet

Does ideal protein diet help weight loss?

People following the ideal protein diet need to add omega 3 / ph: pexels

To start on your ideal protein diet, you should first contact an authorized medical institution or clinic as this requires specific and meticulous instructions from healthcare providers or trained to assist the patient with weight loss.

 The ideal protein diet is divided into 4 main phases including:

 Stage 1: Weight loss
 Phase 2: 14-day period
 Stage 3: Stable phase
 Stage 4: Maintenance phase
 The specific steps for each stage will be outlined below.

 1.  Ideal protein phase 1

 Phase 1 of the ideal protein diet is called the weight loss phase.  That means the doctors will keep track of the patient's condition until they reach their goal of weight loss from the start.  During this ideal protein phase 1, the patient is asked to eat a diet that includes:

- A breakfast with ideal protein foods
- An ideal protein lunch with a few vegetables
- One serving of protein (about 225 grams) with vegetables and tubers is specifically indicated
- A snack includes ideal protein foods

Most meals provide about 20 grams of protein and less than 200 calories per serving.  In addition, the indicated list of vegetables, tubers and fruits are encouraged to be consumed without any specific restrictions, meaning to eat as much as possible.

In addition to meals, the patient is also required to supplement some substances such as multivitamins, potassium, calcium, magnesium, omega-3 and digestive enzymes ...

 Because the ideal protein diet significantly reduces the amount of calories your body provides, exercise, sports or other activities requiring vigorous exercise can cause undesirable side effects.  These activities are not recommended for the first 3 weeks.

2.  Ideal protein phase 2

 The second stage of the ideal protein diet is also known as the 14-day period.  This phase is carried out after the patient has achieved the weight loss goals set out in phase 1.

 Similar to the ideal protein phase 1, the ideal protein phase 2 also requires the patient to follow a diet as well as add nutrients according to the list of doctors listed.  However, the patient may enjoy meals with a slightly more protein than phase 1.

 3.  Ideal protein phase 3

 Stage 3 is also known as the stabilization period that lasts two weeks after the patient completes phase 2. At this ideal protein phase 3 the patient is switched to a maintenance diet.  This stage is relatively simple because all the patient needs to do is eat the ideal protein-rich foods for breakfast, accompanied by carbohydrates, fats and fruits.  Adding carbohydrates to breakfast is said to help the pancreas restart its ability to produce insulin and maintain it at levels that are right for the body.

 4.  Ideal protein phase 4

 Phase 4 is the maintenance phase and is also the final stage of the ideal protein diet.  This phase lasts about 12 months with the goal of helping the patient maintain a reasonable but free diet compared to previous periods.  The 12-month period has also been shown to be sufficient for everyone to develop healthy eating habits.  There are some key principles at this ideal protein phase 4 that the patient should be aware of including:

 Avoid incorporating fatty and carbohydrate rich foods into the same meal.
 Amount of protein: The amount of protein provided is not too much, but it is still necessary to ensure enough for the activities in the body to be carried out normally.
 Patients are also encouraged to dedicate one to two meals per week so that they can enjoy their favorite foods that are limited to the ideal protein diet.

III. The benefits of the ideal protein diet

Does ideal protein diet help weight loss?

The ideal protein diet not only helps with weight loss, but also prevent cardiovascular diseases / ph: pexels

The ideal protein diet offers many benefits for people with overweight obesity, including weight loss.  Here are some of the benefits of the ideal protein diet for patients:

1. Ideal protein diet helps weight loss

The ideal protein diet can be considered as another version of the ketogenic diet.  There is a lot of scientific evidence to support the weight loss effects of the ketogenic diet.  For example, an analysis of 13 studies found that ketogenic diets were more effective than low-fat diets in promoting weight loss and making overweight people lose weight faster and safer.

 It proves that the ideal protein diet is also an effective method for weight loss for overweight and obese people.

2. The ideal protein diet is easy to follow

The ideal protein diet has many points suitable for people who are constantly busy with work.  During the weight loss phase, patients regularly consume only foods high in protein that are ideal except for dinner that weighs their protein and vegetables.

 Meals on this diet can also significantly reduce the time spent on shopping, planning, and preparation, freeing up enormous amounts of time especially for those on a busy schedule.  In short, the ideal protein diet requires less elaborate preparation than most other diets.

3. Professionalism in the ideal protein diet

This diet is provided by well-trained health care professionals and can continuously support the patient whenever they need it during weight loss.  In fact, studies have shown that weight loss will be more effective with the companionship and support of experts throughout the process.

4. Ideal protein diet helps increase insulin sensitivity and improves blood sugar control

Too much excess fat can increase the risk of metabolic syndrome in general and type 2 diabetes in particular.  The ideal protein diet can help reduce excess fat, thereby reducing the risk factors for diabetes and metabolic syndrome, such as insulin resistance ... to help the body control  better than blood sugar.  In one study, the ideal protein diet could radically reduce insulin resistance.

5.  Ideal protein diet helps reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases

Similar to other diets like a low-carbohydrate diet or a ketogenic diet, the ideal protein diet can reduce a number of risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

Many studies have shown that the ideal protein diet not only reduces body weight, but can also reduce two of the risk factors for cardiovascular disease, including increased total cholesterol.  as bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) in the blood.  In another study, obese and overweight patients who adhere to this diet significantly reduced their minimum blood pressure as well as maximum blood pressure, visceral fat, fasting glycemic index,  insulin concentration and triglyceride content in the blood.

 The ideal diet is essentially an "upgrade" of the ketogenic diet, adding proven techniques such as professional support and healthy eating education to support weight loss aid.  While the ideal protein diet is convenient and incredibly effective, it's also quite expensive.  Besides, this is still a relatively new diet for people in many countries around the world so there are not many clinical studies related to it published.

Does ideal protein diet help weight loss?

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Today there are many different diets that are based on different principles, suitable for different groups of people.  Let's learn about ideal protein diet through the article below.

Today there are many different diets that are based on different principles, suitable for different groups of people.  Let's learn about ideal protein diet through the article below.

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