Discover The Luxurious Modern Italian Yachts

If you are a big fan of luxurious yachts, you have to know these Bespoke Italian Yachts - modern and luxurious. Because they will make you fall in love at first sight.

#1: NY24 – the stylist and deluxe boat

NY24 Boat is the perfect choice for anyone who seeks the next level of elegance to to explore the seas at their leisure. It was designed by the Italian designers Alessio Battistini and Davide Bernardini of ideaelITALIA and then developed by an extraordinary technical team. The perfection of this boat leaves no room for doubt, it provides its passenger the best experience at sea. 

How luxurious NY24 Boat is! / Ph: Yatta! Club

The interior space with just 7.35 meters in length is quite small compared to the room in luxurious hotel but you will feel like you are in a deluxe room with the best convenience. It has a large container sofa, convertible in double berth, an enclosed toilet and wide environment to ensure the comfort on boat through the day and night. It also is equipped with two drawer refrigerators, a concealed sink, and a stove for relaxing and cooking activities. The colors, materials and technology make NY24 boat look so harmonious and stylish.

Inside the NY24 Boat /Ph: Nerea Yacht

#2: Custom Line Navetta 42

The Custom Line Navetta 42 is a masterpiece of art designed by the Ferretti Group. It is not only the largest Custom yacht line at 41.8m but also the first over 300GT. And its space makes it stand out among the luxurious boats. The Custom Line Navetta 42 is developed by two-year collaboration between the Italian builder’s Product Strategy Committee along with the Ferretti Group’s Engineering Department and Studio Zuccon International Project. The yacht is perfect in every detail that you can feel its luxury through the photo of its space below.

The Custom Line Navetta 42 / Ph: Youtube

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