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Digital marketing trends overtaking the beauty industry

August 06, 2019

The global beauty market is gradually transforming itself after the dominance of digital marketing. This trend will continue to grow strongly in the future.

According to a media reporting company, the MULTI-BILLION dollar beauty industry has increasingly turned to digital as social media becomes a product marketing tool. It has become a trend for Southeast Asia.

Digital marketing is becoming extremely popular / Ph. mm

Digital marketing dominates the beauty industry

“It’s not a stretch to say that Instagram and YouTube have become key marketing and sales channels,” the firm assisted. The company followed social media conversations from July to December 2018 in four Southeast Asian countries – Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines to shed light on the most trending products.

The report notes that while three beautiful corporations (Estée Lauder, Unilever, and L’Oréal) dominate nearly 39% and 49% of the market in the regional and high-end categories, the online buzz focus on Japanese beauty products (J-Beauty) because it accounts for 58.7% online. 

This figure discredited Korean beauty (K-Beauty) on social media accounts for only 21.9% of online conversations. The technology industry is beautiful China is at 19.4%.

“This is a departure from the last decade when K-Beauty successfully cracked the global beauty market. Much of this growth can be attributed to the rise in foreign tourists [going] to Japan and consequent exposure of popular products through social media”

In 2018, the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO) counted 31.2 million foreign tourists. The Philippines is the 8th largest market with 504,000 arrivals. And the most significant demand is China, with 8.4 million turns. To meet the trend, Japanese brand Shiseido has launched a new leather band, Waso, highlighting local Japanese ingredients such as soybeans and white jelly mushrooms.

Meltwater notes that among beauty products, lip products are still the most popular type of social media with 49.2% of conversations dedicated to lip products, followed by products for face with 26.3%, eye products are 23.5%. Meanwhile, products for cheek are 1%.

In the current situation in Southeast Asia, consumers are expanding the use of social media outside of Facebook by applying visual expressions. The power of beauty influencers has grown to such an extent that they have surpassed celebrities as the first choice for brand affirmation and commercial cooperation.

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