Daily habits that cause wrinkles

April 23, 2020

Everyone dreams of having youthful skin, so it will be annoying if we have some wrinkles on the face. Avoid bad habits that cause wrinkles will help you with it.


Stomach sleepers will get wrinkles easily


Getting wrinkles is one of the biggest fears when it comes to aging. To avoid those pesky little lines, you can put on some skincare products. However, you can always avoid daily habits that cause wrinkles that influences the aging of your skin.


#1: Smoking


According to a study from the Twin Research Unit in London, a sibling who smoked had 40% thinner skin than the other. This can be explained by the fact that smoking releases an enzyme that breaks down collagen and elastin. What causes wrinkles is cigarette smoke. It makes blood vessels to constrict, resulting in a lack of oxygen and nutrients, which accelerates skin aging.


#2: Sleep on your face or on stomach


Pressing your face on a pillow for hours when you sleep is what causes wrinkles around the mouth. Likewise, sleeping on your stomach smushes your face down, pushing the skin into creases. Stomach sleepers may also have puffiness around the eyes. Therefore, sleep face up or sleep on your back is a good habit that helps you avoid wrinkles.


#3: Forget your sunglasses


What causes wrinkles around eyes is squinting at the sun. It forces the muscles between your brows and around your eyes to contract, then causes the overlying skin to crease. The wrinkles might not be clear at first, but over time the collagen will break down and the wrinkles will become deeper and fixed. Always remember to wear sunglasses is the best way to prevent them.


#4: Staring down at your phone


Wonder what causes wrinkles around the neck? When you stare down at your phone, or other devices for hours, you bend your neck repeatedly. This action causes lines and wrinkles to form on your neck. The persistent motion of your neck bending downward puts tension on the muscle, so it creates the wrinkles.

Those are everyday habits that can cause wrinkles. Avoiding these bad habits can protect yourself from getting wrinkles and slow down the aging process.


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