CVS Pharmacy and its attempts at Beauty Mark initiative

CVS’s initiative aimed at unfiltered and unaltered beauty is being undertaken seriously. They are checking if there is any beauty imagery from their brand partners in their stores. The article will provide some information about this.

CVS Pharmacy is a subsidiary of  a well-known company CVS Health. Founded in Massachusetts in 1963, the company has developed  strongly. Nowadays, it ranks first in the United States pharmacy market in terms of number of locations and total prescription revenue. Besides selling drugs, beauty products, cosmetics,… it’s MinuteClinic offers healthcare services in each CVS directly-operated stores.

CVS Pharmacy is pursuing its unfiltered and unaltered beauty goal / Ph: Bustle

The brand is making every efforts so that by the end of 2020 it will achieve its set goal of all beauty imagery to be compliant. According to the latest figure, after one year of setting the unfiltered and unaltered beauty initiative, almost 70% of their stores’s imagery is compliant.

Kevin Hourican, president of CVS Pharmacy, said they wanted to welcome millions consumers to come to their outlets everyday to try using their authentic and huge range of products.

Moreover, he shows his gratitude to their partners who always support this unfiltered and unaltered beauty goal. These companies also contribute greatly to the beauty standard changes associated with customers’ health and self-esteem. All of them have promised to pursue the desire goal of unfiltered and unaltered beauty by 2020. These brands include Olay, JOAH, Neutrogena, Unilever, CoverGirl, Aveeno, …

To facilitate the unfiltered and unaltered beauty initiative, CVS Pharmacy takes measures to help Girls Inc. with its aim of making girls smarter and stronger. Add to this, the company is encouraging their loyal consumers to post their ‘unfiltered and unaltered beauty’ pictures on social media as an effective way to raise public attention.

CVS Pharmacy unfiltered and unaltered beauty goal receives lots of encouragement. You can post a selfie picture of unfiltered and unaltered beauty to them.

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