Customers will have a great experience thanks to visualization

Today technology is growing, many luxury brands apply digital to bring new experiences to customers.

In fact, to help users easily visualize products, many luxury brands have provided customers with 3D images to virtual reality of their products. It's easy to imagine products that can help customers interested in brands and influence their purchasing decisions well.

# A 360-degree look

It is true to say that one of the digital achievements is applied by brands to promoting products as 3D images. Instead of traditional images, today customers can see products clearly with a 360-degree model. Thus, thanks to that, customers have a more accurate look at the product.

Ph: Cappasity

One example for that is department store Tsum has partnered with Cappasity to bring 3D models of fashion items to customers. With this technology, customers can look at the product in detail. Besides, there are numerous companies and brands use this method such as Ligne Roset, etc. Especially, the furniture and home decoration industry also uses this method.

Another, building a virtual store is also a method that brands apply under digital manipulation. It is possible that it is a factor that changes the e-commerce experience. Customers can participate in shopping on the virtual store after clicking on the product.

# Customers prefer online shopping

Nowadays, thanks to the constantly evolving internet and the digital application of brands, e-commerce is also constantly expanding. The fact of the matter is that Customers tend to prefer online shopping rather than buying directly at stores partly because of the adoption of virtual reality technology.

Cylindo's Mr. Atanasov said that the connected customer moved across channels to research, purchase and review products, more informed than ever before, there was no linear path to purchase.

Luxury brands need to take advantage of this to expand their brands and promote their products through ecommerce.

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