Create Luxury Routines through quality products

Apriori is a leading brand specializing in the production of luxury products. Recently the brand launched toothbrushes with the highest standards.

The product set is meticulously produced to every detail that exudes elegance, giving users luxury routines through products used daily.

Formation of luxury routines through daily products

Previous Apriori has launched many high quality and luxurious fashion jewelry products.Recently, the brand has launched a set of toothbrushes that are meticulously designed to small details. The set of products impresses by the luxurious and sophisticated appearance.

Apriori launches luxury products to create luxury routines for customers/ Ph: apriori

People who want to form luxurious routines need to change from simple products that you use every day. Luxury comes from all the products around you, regardless of food, time, personal items.

What is the impression of the toothbrush set of Apriori that is valued by a Swiss watch? The set is made from high-end watchmaking materials and processes. The artisan group in the UK has made the design of two sets of toothbrushes assembled and meticulously touched.

The Apriori Ceramic Edition toothbrushes is designed from high-end high-strength materials, featuring gold or silver. The main material of toothbrushes is forged carbon fiber which is inspired by design from the automotive and sports industries. Set of products available in Gold and Silver versions for customers to choose from.

The kit is designed in Gold and Silver versions/ Ph: apriori

Set of toothbrush products have their own elegantly designed travel cases, including: a toothbrush holder, and two spare heads, one medium, and one soft. The highlight of the product set is the stand designed as an accessory, the anti-slip rubber base helps the toothbrush to keep its position.

The kit is designed and assembled by Christopher Hill, a talented designer with over 30 years of experience designing luxury goods. Customers wishing to purchase products can choose to buy at Elbi.

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