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Cozy small apartment

May 06, 2019

If you are considering a comfortable place to relax after hard-working days but does not need much space, a Micro Flat is truly the one you need. It was designed by Husos Arquitectos for a dog owner. The flat can solve the problem of urban housing cries in such a dynamic life like nowadays.

About the flat

The flat is designed to demonstrate its user-friendly and space-saving iterations. It took inspiration from a task of creating a compact living abode for a young doctor and his dog of Spanish studio Husos Arquitectos. The firm used plywood to make a 46-square-meter flat with an installation of a cozy sleeping pod. Thus, people can take a nap whenever they want or invite their friends to stay over there.

Husos Arquitectos faced with a number of difficulties when designing this micro flat

Located within a 1960s housing-block in Madrid’s Acacias neighborhood, the apartment has such a nice view to see. The owner of the apartment is a young doctor and his pet bulldog named Albondiga. They had so many requirements for their daily activities. They cannot stand the heat so they need a well-ventilated apartment to stay cool during hot summer months in Madrid. Furthermore, they require to have a large living room to do a variety of activities like working, doing exercises and playing with friends whenever they come to visit the doctor.

The owner has so many requirements to meet

The designers created an ample living area to allow air to circulate during summer days. Plywood boards and pine wood pieces are used to make the walls, storage units and floors. There is a comfortable bedroom, a storeroom, a dressing room and a multi-use capsule along the south side of the apartment. The capsule is an ideal place to take naps, read and enjoy the view of the sky as well as the acacia trees on the street.

For the dog, there is a series of cotton hemispheres to rest on. The owner can easily change their placement at any time as the hemispheres are fixed to the floor with suction cups. Warm colours and natural materials are chosen to create a cozy atmosphere of the flat. The designers also created a watering system making use of the grey water from the shower.

There is a vertical vegetable garden on the balcony with an aim to creating a greenhouse

This home is actually a place that a lot of people dream of. It is expected to be a private space and a suitable one for entertaining.


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