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Cosmetic surgery and teenagers – A disaster waiting to happen ?

February 20, 2020

Recent trends show that not only are plastic surgery patients age younger, but the number of teenagers seeking plastic surgery is also increasing. Beside, many statistics show that some teenagers ask for cosmetic surgery to get a better look. When should we say “yes” to teens who want plastic surgery?

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However, according to the world famous cosmetic surgeon Rod J. Rohrich, it is not necessary to be alarmed with this aesthetic trend when considering the popular cosmetic surgery in teenager.

The most common types of plastic surgery that teenagers require include non-invasive procedures such as microdermabrasion, or super-abrasive, chemical peels, or masks. chemical and laser skin resurfacing, mainly to treat acne scars. These procedures help fade acne scars and dark spots while improving the skin.


In the past 5 years, dermal fillers have been chosen by teenagers and adults to tighten facial skin fast and have thick, plump, sensual, sexy lips like idol artists. However, reputable beauty clinics and beauty centers and the majority of plastic surgeons oppose the use of fillers and Botox in their teenage years, the time when physical and psychological growth is strongest in human life. The fillers and Botox can have a positive effect and suitable to be used to prevent aging in adults  but it will cause risks when applying with teeanagers in a wrong way.

Plastic surgery among teenager procedures for adolescents need to be considered from a medical perspective for important years of psychosocial and physical development.

Breast augmentation surgery is very common but not possible and should not be performed on patients under 18 years of age. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration recommends the use of physiological saline instead of implantable silicone bags in 18- to 22-year-old patients, unless the patient has significant breast deformities or asymmetry, but also should wait until after 18 years of age after completing the growth phase.

Although not much, there are still some teenagers who want to shrink their breasts due to ridicule from their school friends, bullying or back pain and spine due to an oversized bust. This is a reasonable requirement and has significant psychological and physical advantages. However, after shrinking round 1 will leave scars around the breast. Plastic surgeons need to discuss this in detail with  patients and their parents.

The need for breast reduction surgery for males at teenage years with gynecomastia is also increasing. Gynecomastia, or growth of breast tissue in males, is considered to be a “male secret disease” and may be due to drug reactions, obesity, or other causes. When the son is fully grown and thin, the breast can reduce in size without intervention; However, in severe cases, teenage boys may seek surgery to address the psychological problems caused by the overgrowth of breast tissue. In some cases, this can be done through minimal invasive techniques using ultrasonic resonance technology to melt breast fat.

Ear plastic surgery is a procedure commonly performed for prominent ear orthopedic. It can be done during adolescence and even earlier at age 6 or 7, when the ear is about the size of an adult’s ear, especially when the child is being mocked at school for having an abnormal ear ring. format.

The nose is also a popular subject of teasing and bullying among school-aged children and teenagers. Rhinoplasty, or rhinoplasty, is also often done and can often lead to drastic physical and mental improvements for adolescents, especially teenage girls.

Some parents continue to see cosmetic surgery as a “gift” for children when they graduate or on some other occasion or ceremony. But that is not always a perfect idea. In the past few years, the increasing rate of adolescent plastic surgery could be caught up in top trending celebrities stories, the pressure of social media and the need to adapt to the trend. The trend of “selfie” is also thought to cause the increase in plastic surgery rates. However, as more and more celebrities cut the excess, the demand for plastic surgery in teenager decreases.

For adolescents wishing to undergo cosmetic surgery, surgeons need to play a guiding role and help both children and their parents understand and have reasonable expectations. Doctors must discuss frankly with teens to make sure they are mature enough to understand the teenage cosmetic surgery pros and cons, especially if it is a permanent surgical procedure. In some cases, teenagers are advised to “wait patiently” because as they mature, their bodies get better over time.

Most importantly, parents or guardians need to provide input for the child. This helps prevent bad decisions and misunderstandings, and ensures both physical and mental safety for children.

However, according to the statistics, cosmetic surgery for teenager still has many dangers.

Cosmetic surgery and teenagers – A disaster waiting to happen ?

E.N – 18, suffered a cardiac arrest just before doctors had breast augmentation procedures. The girl suspected to be abandoned after being anesthetized in cosmetic surgery performed by Dr.K at a clinic in the USA on August 1, local media reported.


Dr. K and anesthetist nurse R.M. were accused of not calling the police for nearly 6 hours after E.N’s  heart stopped beating.

The 18-year-old girl has never had surgery and her mother is currently suing Dr.K and M., on charges of negligence. They left her on the operating table for 5 and a half hours and did not call 911 for 5 and a half hours while her mother sat in the waiting room without knowing what happened, according to E.N. family’s lawyer sued the clinic with the doctors and nurses there because of negligence, causing their daughter’s brain damage and unable to recover. She will live on such plants probably in the next 50 years. That is a huge consequence because the teenage plastic surgery gone wrong.

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