Consolidation trend of luxury fashion market

In fact, technology and sustainability become the long-term goal of many brands around the world. Besides, many new luxury fashion markets are promoting the global fashion business.

The fact of the matter is that thanks to the consolidation of luxury brands, mostly in Europe, The finance of the high-end fashion industry is much more stable (according to Fashionbi's global fashion industry report).

The growth of the luxury fashion market in the world

It is no surprise to say that the fashion industry is increasingly growing. Besides, Brands tend to continually update their revenue by geographic area when some markets reach maturity and other markets continue to grow.

In 2018, LVMH brands and Kering brands, these are two French international corporations specializing in luxury products, grew 35% in Asia thanks to the promotion of Japan, China and other countries.

The Luxury fashion market has also witnessed the growth of Hermès brand (one company specializing in leather goods, lifestyle accessories, perfume, luxury goods, and ready-made clothes in Paris, France) in Europe and America.

On other hand, Capri Holdings company 70% growth.

Besides, there are a lot of brand transfer deals have taken place.

Technology and sustainability

There is no denying that to maintain results, Luxury corporations and companies must continue to innovate, luxury corporations and companies must continue to innovate, especially technology and sustainable efforts.

While the luxury fashion market is always fluctuating, Consumers also demand more from luxury business companies.

Fur clothes are limited in some places / Ph: Prada

Many luxury brands remove or reduce the use of animal fur in their products. However, many customers do not want that. In fact, a major US city switched to banning the sale of fur products. Due to that, choices of customers being less.

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