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Collagen foods for anti-aging

August 18, 2019

What are collagen foods? Why do so many people choose to eat more natural foods to have youthful skin? Does it work? Find the answer in this article.

Eating collagen rich foods is a smart choice for your skin

Collagen is an indispensable nutrient that helps maintain smooth, elastic skin, healthy hair, and nails. That’s why the keyword “collagen enhancement” is always sought, as a secret to keeping youthful.

Eat collagen-boosting foods for keeping young

In one study, women who took a supplement containing 2.5 to 5 grams of Collagen for eight weeks experienced less dry skin and significantly increased skin elasticity compared to those who did not use it. Another study found that women who drank Collagen supplements daily for 12 weeks underwent skin hydration that increased and significantly reduced wrinkles depth compared to the control group. The effect of collagen reduces wrinkles and stimulates the body’s collagen production.

Best foods to eat for collagen production

Foods will not replenish collagen directly. Collagen in diet will be converted into protein or amino acids, to nourish muscle groups. What are those foods? Take a glance at the collagen foods list:

#Best collagen-rich foods 

– Bone broth: If only a rich collagen-rich food can be selected for the skin, the appropriate answer is bone broth. While other foods contain antioxidants as well as other nutrients to synthesize collagen, bone broth contains bio-collagen that the body can absorb immediately.

– Spirulina: It lives in clean water, high levels of minerals and nutrients, so it has many effects for people, especially skin rejuvenation.

– Cod fish: The smaller the collagen molecule, the easier it is to absorb it. Therefore, the collagen from cod fish (abundant collagen source) will be easily absorbed by the body.

– Eggs: The addition of eggshell membranes is a natural remedy to improve joint health due to high collagen content. Eggs are also very rich in sulfur, which is an essential trace element for collagen production.

In addition, Gelatin is a natural collagen for skin that you might consider.

#Best collagen building foods

In addition to collagen-rich foods, you should know the collagen-building foods below: 

– Leafy Green Vegetables

– Pumpkin Seeds

– Strawberries

– Citrus Fruits

– Garlic

Collagen-rich foods for vegetarians

For vegetarians, finding natural collagen for skin is not too difficult. See the list below: 

– Spirulina

– Berries

– Garlic

– Citrus

– Nuts

– Vegetables : Broccoli, Leafy Greens, Mushrooms

Eating collagen foods are an effective beauty method for those who want to own youthful skin without making aesthetic treatments. Let take care of your skin well and following Vuhes daily for more updates about beauty secrets. 

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