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Collagen – Beauty from within’s weapon?

February 16, 2020

It is true to say that Collagen is indispensable for people who want beauty from within. Women of each age have different inner beauty methods. However, the addition of collagen to beautify from within is preferred and trusted by many people because of its high efficiency. Let’s learn how to beautify skin with collagen to help you make beautiful from within.


Collagen is indispensable for people who want beauty / Ph: Bileya Natural Collagen

Importance of collagen to the global beauty supplement market

Over time, women’s skin is ravaged by the adverse effects of the external environment as well as the stagnation of collagen production within.

Among many beauty treatments, beauty from within collagen is one of the most influential methods for the development of the beauty supplement industry. There is no denying that Collagen plays a very important role in the beauty supplement industry because of its anti-aging effects, skin beauty, nails strengthening and hair nutrition. Thus, it is considered an emerging trend of the dietary supplements by many research institutes.

In fact, over 70% of UK consumers recognize collagen as an effective ingredient for beauty supplements. This percentage is much higher than vitamin C and vitamin D (according to a research report provided by SenseReach).

In recent years, collagen has been used as an effective ingredient in many beverage and food products. The number of new products is also growing at an annual growth rate of 33% (According to data from 2007 to 2016 provided by Innova Market Insights). Collagen is not only the ingredient for beauty supplements; it has also become an effective ingredient for food and beverage products.

In 2017, in North America, 26% of supplements contain collagen and 25% of candy/snacks contain collagen. In Europe, 28% of sports supplements contain collagen. In South America, 26% of cereal products contain collagen. In Asia, about 7% -11% of products contain collagen. These ratios show how important collagen is to today’s beauty industry.

This article helped you answer the question: “why the beauty industry is betting big on supplements?”. Keep following Vuhes daily for more updates about latest beauty industry news and trends.

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