The World’s Largest Aircraft
Recently, Stratolaunch Systems Corporation, an American space transportation venture developing a new air launch to orbit system, has unveiled the world’s “largest all-composite aircraft” named the Stratolaunch.
The newest Bejewelled Lamborghini Aventador SV : Classy, luxury and trendy
Recently, Moldova-born Instagram mannequin Daria Radionova has shown her newest model Bejewlled Lamborghini Aventador SV with two million Swarovski Crystals.
Lesedi La Rona - The World’s Largest Emerald Cut Diamond
Lesedi La Rona- the name of the world’s largest emerald cut diamond means “Our light” in Tswana.
Now you can talk to your tulip
Don’t be surprised! Now you can talk to your tulips. Google said this and informed to flower lovers that now they can use Google Home to talk to their flowers. Yes, anything can happen in this life.
A robotic concierge to assist passengers at Frankfurt Airport
The result of a partnership between Fraport AG, Frankfurt Airport operator (FRA) and DB Systel GmbH, Deutsche Bahn's dedicated IT service provider, is a robot tour guide project.